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Revolutionizing Education for Reentry

Empowering Learners, Transforming Lives

Bringing reentry education and job training skills to the incarcerated to reduce recidivism through technology.

Introducing the first Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for Correctional Education

Our goal is to reduce recidivism through technology by providing access to high-quality curriculum, flexible deployment options, hardware support, and staff training – all in one interactive managed solution.

In partnerships with Coursera, Cisco, Nucleos, Lenovo, and Tripp Lite, Achieve DXP is designed to give incarcerated people the skills, confidence, and knowledge to pursue opportunities post-release and remain productive members of the community. Our secure DXP platform offers ease of administration which is customizable for each learner’s needs through high quality content for reentry success.

Technology Tools for Cost-Effective Rehabilitation

Studies and statistics show that without an effective opportunity to earn an education or develop life and work skills, previously incarcerated people will become repeat offenders. This not only impacts their lives but also their families, your facility and staff members, as well as the greater community.

43% of incarcerated people are less likely to return to prison after participating in educational programs and are more likely to find employment.

iT1 and Nucleos are proud to offer a first-of-its-kind, high-quality and accessible education platform to not only help you achieve your recidivism goals but to save you money while doing it.

Set Your Learners up for Educational and Job Success with Customized Solutions

The Nucleos “Achieve” DXP is the most advanced learning platform for corrections and reentry. It delivers high-quality customized programs which get the best results, including those leading to industry recognized vocational certificates, high school and GED diplomas, and college degrees.

Considered the Gold Standard for Correctional Education Technology, it expands access to educational content for all levels of learners.

Advanced Interactive Learning Platform with Built-In Security

With advanced security, full tracking of learner records, personalized delivery of content based on assessments, and message logging, we implement a complete digital education infrastructure solution for our customers.

Key Features of Achieve DXP

Deliver Transformative Learning

Discovery & Strategy

  • Provide access to a wide range of educational content and training programs
  • Personalize learning experiences based on individual needs and goals
  • Support self-paced learning and enable offline access to resources

Ensure Secure Access

Discovery & Strategy

  • Implement strict security controls for content and communication
  • Monitor learner activity and prevent unauthorized access or misuse
  • Comply with facility regulations and maintain a safe learning environment

Foster Collaboration

Discovery & Strategy

  • Enable secure communication between learners, instructors, and support staff
  • Facilitate group learning activities and peer-to-peer support
  • Integrate with facility systems for seamless program administration

Measure Rehabilitation Outcomes

Discovery & Strategy

  • Track learner progress, course completion, and skill acquisition
  • Assess program impact on behavior, recidivism rates, and post-release success
  • Identify trends and opportunities for program improvement

See how Nucleos Achieve DXP can work for you - risk-Free.

We offer demos, needs analysis, security assessments, and pilot programs within your facility environment.

“Finding a quality, flexible, all-in-one website/platform with good security is one of the biggest challenges I face. The Nucleos platform solves that problem for me.”

- Emmanuel Luvert, Instructor, Juvenile Detention Facility, Albany, Oregon

Nucleos Achieve DXP Industry Champions:

*Early adopters have reported reductions as great as 56% in recidivism.

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