iT1 and Lenovo:
Innovative Transformation.

Lenovo is dedicated to transforming customers’ experience with technology—and how it, and they, interact with the world around us.

iT1 partners with Lenovo to bring innovative solutions from laptops, desktops, tablets, and monitors all the way to data center solutions and smart devices to our customers.

Our Value

We have a full portfolio of lifecycle services that help customers procure, configure, integrate, monitor and manage Lenovo’s transformative technology solutions

Our Services for Lenovo

iT1 infrastructure know-how. Lenovo solutions and services.

  • Competitive pricing on all Lenovo products and services
  • Lenovo first-level support
  • Procurement services
  • IT configuration services
  • IT monitoring and management services

Why Lenovo

There is no one-size fit for all demands of the modern workforce, which is why Lenovo solutions are tailored to suit today’s diverse spectrum of work environments. 


Focus on patient-centric care by recreating your healthcare environment.


Encourage interaction and engagement in your distance learning classroom.

Creative Industries

Create spectacular and cutting-edge design work that impresses on and off the screen.


Safeguard your clients’ trust and profitability through your productivity.

Architecture & Engineering

Ensure ROI by managing on-time project delivery.