School Safety with iT1 and Wireless Guardian iT1

Safer Schools with Better Intelligence

Improve School Safety
with Wireless Guardian

Detection is your first step to prevent outbreaks and threats.

Using technology to prevent incidents on
school campuses

School safety is top of mind and top priority for many in today’s environment. Having a proactive security system in place is paramount to keeping campuses safe. iT1 is proud to partner with The Wireless Guardian (WG), a patented, technology-forward solution that combines passive target tracking, thermal weapons detection, and comprehensive signals intelligence, providing the ability to see, identify, track, protect, and investigate a location or situation in a whole new way.

Thermographic cameras empowered with AI

Identifies open or concealed weapons and other threats

Uses Form Motion Analysis to identify by movement

Assists in First-Responder's ability to respond quickly

Scans every individual entering campus for devices

Assists in location of everyone inside and on campus

How it Works: A three-tiered, patented, and comprehensive approach will prevent threats from entering your facility while processing signals intelligence to identify the location of everyone on campus.

Tier 1: Thermographic Cameras

Scans for weapons and body temperatures

Tier 2: Signals Intelligence

Real-time, actionable device and camera data for law enforcement

Tier 3: Identifies Suspects

Identifies potential suspects by their movements and biometrics

Protect Your Students with Smart Technology

The Wireless Guardian solution is proactive and can identify a threat before it has a chance to endanger the school. Its thermographic cameras can scan up to 45 students or staff entering the school building for elevated temperatures and weapons.

As a noninvasive technology, our solution eliminates the dangers of having staff individually scan and test each student. 


Purchase using your preferred vendor

With the approved 1.9 trillion CARES II Act, Wireless Guardian COVID-19 Thermographic and Security Solutions is available nationwide on pre-existing state, federal, and nonprofit purchasing vehicles via NCPA Contract, GSA Schedule, and Equalis Group.  

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