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Incident Response

 When crisis strikes, the last thing you want is hesitation or uncertainty when asked, “What do we do now?” IR JumpStart serves as your answer and action plan. 

The IR JumpStart Retainer combines the short response SLA organizations value in a retainer with proactive IR planning to build confidence and resilience.  All without the upfront costs of traditional IR retainers.

The Benefits of Managed Incident Response

Faster Response

No matter where you are or time of day, we're ready to help when you need it. Purpose-built for remote incident response, our security team can get to work right away.

Complete Remediation

We analyze the root cause and extent of the attack and remove the threat actor’s access to the environment. This limits a cybercriminal’s ability to create backdoors and regain access.

Quicker Restoration

We prioritize data recovery and business restoration while simultaneously conducting the forensic investigation, getting you back to business faster.

Types of Incidents Commonly Resolved

No matter the attack vector, we have experience mitigating the threat and remediating the damage across endpoint, network, identity, and cloud environments.

Ransomware Response

Intellectual Property Theft Investigations

Data Breach Response

Business Email Compromise Investigation

Employee Misconduct Investigations


IR JumpStart Retainer

Developed through years of restoring large and small organizations from cyber attacks, IR Plan Builder guides organizations through an online process of collecting the critical information needed to jump-start IR engagements.

Rapid Engagement

When you need help fast

Full-Service IR Team

Containment to restoration

Proactive Planning

Build confidence and resilience

Ready to Take Action?

Partner with us to secure your business, build trust, and stay ahead of cyber challenges. Contact us today to secure your digital future.

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