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Technology for a safer workplace.

Today’s unfortunate incidents require a new mindset and improved processes to better address workplace threats.

React and respond quickly to emergency situations with smart, adaptive technology that works with your existing systems or as stand-alone turn-key security solutions.

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Safety and Security Solutions and Tools

Using our industry knowledge, experience, and extensive certifications to research and partner with the very best companies, we provide you the most advanced safety and security technology at the most competitive prices.

Visitor Check-Ins

Protect your visitors and your employees with simple solutions that safeguard your workspace and supercharges your front desk.

Locate & Alert

Mobilize and communicate instantly before, during, and after critical events such as natural disasters, evacuations, and disaster recovery.

Gunshot Detection and Response

Works with your security systems already in place. Award-winning energy detection technology developed by the Dept. of Energy.

Early Threat Detection and Intelligence

Locate potential threats up to a mile outside your location using signal intelligence. Vet every visitor, every device, and every vehicle.

Visitor Management for Any Front Desk

Streamline guests and security across your organization by knowing who's visiting, when, and why.

Envoy's visitor management solution can even integrate with your existing access control system.

everbridge end-to-end critical event management platform

Warn and Inform Employees Even on the Move

Notify, locate, and communicate with your employees when there is a natural disaster or other security incident, keeping everyone updated and informed on evacuations and critical alerts.

Instantly locate people in a crisis - even when they are on the move. Protect your people anywhere.

Indoor/Outdoor Gunshot Detection Technology

Integrate a gunshot detection layer into your existing security plan with patented FIRSTFLY® and DragonFlyTM energy sensors.

Stop active shooter situations with an award-winning gunshot detection system with advanced technology.

Advanced AI Intel-Gathering, Active Security Monitoring System

The first forward-facing human threat detection system with real-time intelligence data that provides protection up to a mile outside of your facility or location.

Weapons Detection • Facial Recognition • Smart-Temp Thermographics Cameras • Target Tracking • Mobile Setup


Invest in Technology for a Safer Workplace

Learn more about our solution partners and what technology services we offer to help you protect what matters most.

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