Connecting Healthcare and Technology

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Connecting Healthcare & Technology

Serving our community is a top priority for iT1, which is why we focus on connecting healthcare with the technologies that deliver the best possible outcomes. Our mission is to be stewards and our approach is to help healthcare providers deliver high quality, cost-effective clinical care.

Advanced support and integration

Addressing Today's Challenges for Tomorrow

Today’s digitally-focused world demands engagement at every relevant touch point. Tomorrow’s systems will allow patients to take the front seat of their own healthcare journey, while offering more ease, convenience, and accessibility for the entire care experience.  To get there, a digital transformation journey starts now. 


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  • Cloud Adoption 
  • Consumerization 
  • Cybersecurity Threats 
  • Data Maintenance 
  • Effective Payment Models 
  • Implementation 
  • Interoperability 
  • Lack of Resources 
  • Old Technology 
  • Price Transparency 
  • Staffing Shortages 
  • Health Equity  


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  • Shared Tech Standards 
  • Security Protocols 
  • Resource Limitations 
  • Tech Adoption 
  • Outdated Tech 
  • Burnout & Stress 
  • Time with Patients & Doctors 
  • Increased Work Hours 
  • Lack of Job Security 


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  • Administrative Efficiencies  
  • Changes in Membership Mix 
  • Changing Competitive Landscape 
  • Costs of Outsourcing 
  • Data Accessibility 
  • Data Security 
  • Health Equity – Tech Customized by Population 
  • Increased complexity 
  • Lack of Healthcare Cost Transparency   
  • Streamlined Medication Adherence 
  • Technology Advancements 


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  • Access to Care Giver
  • Relationship with Provider
  • Human Connection
  • Communication Tools
  • Coordination of Care
  • Patient Portal Consolidation
  • Mapping Inside & Outside Facilities
  • Personal Health Data
  • Education
  • Cost of Care
  • Experience
  • Complex Billing

Are you part of this statistic?

A recent HIMMS survey stated that of the 99% of US Healthcare leaders that prioritized digital transformation but only 21% had reached the implementation phase.

There can be numerous steps to navigate people, process and systems.  Our iT1 Healthcare team can help. 

Prioritized Digital Transformation
0 %
Only Reached Implementation Phase
0 %

iT1 is a Technology Solutions Aggregator

Our network of partners, technologists and innovators are here to help healthcare providers align today’s environment with tomorrow’s innovative vision. We are focused on your success and an enabler of better access, convenient service, lower costs, patient care, and care giver loyalty.

Supporting Innovative Healthcare with our Tech Partners

Collaborate and communicate meaningful health insights and data with Apple.

Digital transformation in healthcare is crucial for the Patient, Payer & Provider experience. Apple® devices such as iPad,® iPhone,® and Mac® help to connect critical areas of care within a system while streamlining workflows and simplifying collaboration.

Learn more about our Apple services here.

Accelerate the growth of Telehealth with Cisco.

With our advanced networking, collaboration, and security solutions, iT1 and Cisco are ready to assist healthcare organizations like yours. Overcome geographical limitations, securely connect with patients virtually, and provide seamless access to high-quality care.

Cisco is committed to supporting you as you reimagine care for the future. Cisco securely connects providers, patients, and staff with transformative technologies that power inclusive care for all.

A device portfolio that enables better quality care.

Microsoft Surface for Business offers a versatile device portfolio with industry-leading security to support healthcare professionals delivering in-person and virtual patient care services. Light, mobile, and powerful, Surface devices deliver value and a premium experience for all healthcare professionals, from mobile caregivers, nurses, and physicians to hospital executives and their administrative staff. Surface supports workflows from patient rooms to offices and conference rooms.

Surface devices and Microsoft 365 help empower digital transformation in healthcare with: Next-level production & collaboration | Cloud-managed devices | Chip-to-cloud security | Sustainability | Best of Microsoft

Our iT1 Healthcare team is here to assist with your digital transformation journey. Email us to get started on your healthcare plan today.

Building the Systems of Tomorrow

With advancements in tech, the speed at which clinicians and patients expect to receive information, services, and products are forcing providers to dig deeper and adapt quickly. It is essential to ensure the foundational launching point is built to handle the quick pivots required in a future health system. 

The future of Healthcare technology includes:

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