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iT1 has grown its industry solutions and expertise for over 20 years. We offer specialized teams and partnerships that allow us to approach your solution with a deep understanding of the trends and requirements, compliance, and contract needs that drive your industry.

Innovative healthcare technology solutions

Featured Industry: Healthcare

We provide solutions for a technology-forward future for the healthcare industry. From streamlining processes and automating tasks to increasing collaboration and improving communication, our goal is to help healthcare providers improve patient care while managing costs.

Federal | State & Local

iT1 works in Arizona and across the country to deliver solutions for government contracts that improve citizen services, modernize legacy IT, and help save taxpayer dollars with digital transformation.


  • Proven track record in successful Federal IT deployments
  • Awarded NIH/NITACC-CIO-CS government-wide acquisition contract

State & Local

  • Cloud, security, mobile, services compliant with Federal requirements
  • Experts up to speed on the latest regulations and contract vehicles

Education | Public Safety

From Microsoft Cloud solutions to Managed Services, iT1 offers expert integration, devices, and digital solutions that improve communications, collaboration, and security for campuses of all types.


  • iT1 Cloud Services for Mohave Cooperative
  • Cloud Computing, Cloud Services, and Managed Services available

Public Safety

Key partnerships with Nucleos, Wireless Guardian, Tripp Lite, and Upstreem for the community, campuses, and the incarcerated population.

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