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Start protecting your data and reputation today using iT1 Security Operations. We will monitor and manage your environment 24×7, ensuring proactive and dynamic detection and response to threats, intrusions, and attacks.

Keep your organization safe by receiving timely and actionable intelligence—without the overwhelming noise of endless false positives, evolving threats and escalating costs.

Organizations using MDR services
by 2025:


Midsize enterprises using MDR as their only managed security service by 2024:


Organizations facing extreme or moderate risk due to security talent shortage:


Organizations affected by a successful cyber attack in 2019:


Managed Detection and Response by the numbers

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MDR: A Strategic Addition to Your Security Posture

Legacy security tools, such as firewalls, advanced endpoint protection, or SIEM appliances, can’t defend cloud workloads. With cyberattacks becoming increasingly sophisticated and frequent, having a dedicated MDR service ensures early detection of threats, minimizes false positives, and enables swift incident response.

Reduce your risk of costly data breaches or downtime with iT1’s 24/7 Managed Detection and Response services. We offer access to specialized expertise, scalability solutions, and up-to-date threat intelligence tools from industry-leading cybersecurity partners.


Broad Visibility

Works with your existing technology stack to discover and profile assets and collect data and security event observations from multiple sources.

24x7 Monitoring

Your environment is monitored for threats and risks around the clock, allowing you to focus on other important areas of your business.

Advanced Threats

Catch advanced threats that are missed with other approaches with a platform that analyzes more security data, and an experienced team who knows how to look for them.


Managed Investigations

We investigate suspicious activity so you don’t have to, making alert fatigue and time wasted on investigating false positives a thing of the past.

Log Retention and Search

We investigate suspicious activity so you don’t have to, making alert fatigue and time wasted on investigating false positives a thing of the past.

Incident Response

Every second counts. Detect and respond to critical security incidents within minutes to prevent the spread of threats.


Guided Remediation

We work with you on detection, response, and remediation to validate the threat has been neutralized and verifying it hasn’t returned.

Root Cause Analysis

Deep investigation into the root cause of incidents to promote the creation of customized rules and workflows that harden your posture.

Personalized Engagement

Regular meetings to review your overall security posture and find areas of improvement that are optimized for your environment.​

Safeguard Your Financial Stability with Managed Risk

Investing in managed risk is the bedrock of sound business strategy. It ensures that you can navigate turbulent waters with confidence, maintain operational continuity, and protect your reputation and your assets. It liberates resources for innovation, enhances investor appeal, and fosters a culture of resilience. 

Embracing managed risk isn’t just about avoiding pitfalls; it’s about fortifying your foundation for sustainable growth and positioning your business as a reliable partner in today’s dynamic marketplace.

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