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Get the Maximum Value out of your Asset Disposal with iT1

With iT1, you get a set of services and a team of certified-experts dedicated to helping you optimize your IT assets, reduce waste, and support your sustainability goals.

We’ll handle everything from the initial assessment of your IT assets to the secure retirement and destruction of any data on those assets. We’ll also explore all options to make sure you receive the maximum value back from your old assets.

Your IT Equipment Can Be Your Biggest Risk or Biggest Reward

As companies continue to rely on technology for their operations, the need to properly mange and dispose of outdated or obsolete IT assets is crucial for both environmental and security reasons. By securely managing the disposal of end-of-use IT equipment, companies can safeguard sensitive information, comply with data protection regulations, minimize electronic waste while contributing to sustainability goals, and recoup value through refurbishment and resale of retired assets. 

Brand Protection

Environmental Stewardship

Value Recovery

How IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Can Optimize Value, Mitigate Risks, and Help the Environment

The improper disposal of your assets can leave sensitive company and customer data vulnerable to breaches – with older equipment being a prime target. Every organization should incorporate an ITAD program into its security protocols and procedures. In fact, whenever an IT asset is acquired, the proper disposal plan for that asset should already be established. Failure to have such a plan in place can result in data exposure, security breaches, and often, the imposition of fines.  

Our onsite or offsite data eradication services are available including physical destruction or software overwriting. We also handle more complex services such as decommissioning data centers due to relocation or closure. 

Data Eradication + Data Sanitation = Brand Protection

Equipment Disposal + eWaste Recycling

Devices which cannot be resold into the secondary market are disassembled, removing reusable components. The remaining components are then sent to approved recycling partners which extract the materials and recycle them into new products. This process conserves natural resources and reduces pollution while preventing the release of harmful toxins into the environment.

We have expertise in refurbishing, remarketing, and recycling a broad array of IT products that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Extending the useful life of devices​
  • Certified e-waste recycling​
  • Sustainability reporting

Asset tracking and reporting in ITAD is a strategic imperative to maximize the value of your IT investments, mitigate risks, and demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility. By implementing a rigorous asset tracking and reporting system, you gain a comprehensive understanding of what IT assets you have (hardware and software), where they are located, and their current conditions. You can then make informed decisions about their utilization and retirement, as well as ensure your adhering to industry standards and compliance requirements.

We provide: Asset Verification, Asset Detail Reporting, Certificates of Data Erasure, and ESG Reporting.

We also help maximize your asset ROI utilizing our expertise and a multi-channel resale strategy to generate maximize value for end-of-use devices.​

Value Recovery + Asset Tracking & Reporting

small efforts make big change

Resources: Our ITAD Process in Action

Get the Most Value Back From Your Assets with iT1 ITAD Services

Leverage our deep understanding and expertise in handling your assets in a secure and environmentally responsible manner, reducing your likelihood of costly data and security repercussions.

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