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Keeping your facility infrastructure updated with the latest technology contributes to improved security, operational efficiency, data management, and inmate rehabilitation, ultimately creating a safer and more cost-effective correctional system.

Let iT1 help you meet your specific needs with our comprehensive correctional services and solutions focused on network security, reentry technology, and integration and adoption.

Secure Network & Endpoints

Our robust network security solutions and services are designed to fortify your facility’s defenses against cyber attacks and other threats. Leveraging our strong industry partnerships with access to the latest technologies, we ensure that your critical data, devices, and systems are protected from unauthorized access, data breaches, and malware attacks with solutions that work within your budget and resource constraints.

Our core network security capabilities include:
Endpoint Monitoring

Manage and monitor all of your endpoints, devices, security and firewalls from a single interface in the cloud with our partner Cisco Merki.

Design / Architecture

Implement or restructure security controls and safeguards, software systems, programs, and applications that are flexible and scale to your needs.

Rigorous Testing

Penetration testing, network connectivity and diagnostic checks, plus site surveys to evaluate the security of your current system.


Review options such as wired, wireless, or private LTE to reduce lag time, increase reliability, and enable higher connectivity speeds.


Assess current state of existing policies and recommend future state, including implementing discipline to achieve compliance.

Network Assessments

Evaluate your network in place and provide recommendations and strategies for strengthening your security and connectivity.

Sensors & Devices

Sensors and devices play a significant role in network security. By strategically integrating them into your network infrastructure, correctional facilities can enhance network posture, detect potential threats, respond promptly to security incidents, and protect the integrity and confidentiality of network resources – including hardware, staff, and officers.

Safety Sensors

Sensors such as environmental detectors, door or vibration sensors can identify suspicious activities, trigger alerts or alarms helping to mitigate potential security threats or network breaches.

Learn more about Eagl Technology’s patented energy sensors.


Access Control

Devices like card readers, biometric scanners, electronic locks, laptops and tablets can be used for asset tracking and access control – authenticating and authorizing individuals accessing certain areas, resources, or systems within the facility or network.



Cameras and video surveillance systems are crucial devices in correctional facilities. These devices monitor critical areas, inmate movements, and activities within the facility. Configured and integrated with the network, these systems can contribute to both physical safety and network security. 


Officer Technology

Improve officer safety with personal protective equipment including body cameras, enhance communication between staff with dedicated mobile devices, and streamline tasks with software that digitizes records, cell checks, inmate tracking, and paperwork.


Laptops & Tablets

Ruggedized and secure handheld devices, laptops, and desktop computers can support inmate education and rehabilitation, communication and visitation, and contribute to staff and officer administrative efficiency.  

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Reentry Technology

By adopting reentry technology, it enables a more holistic and technology-driven approach to the reentry process, ensuring the necessary support and tools for building a better life post-incarceration.

Nucleos and iT1 joined forces to bring the expertise of iT1’s engineers and network designers together with the Nucleos learning platform. Our platform solution can run on existing agency devices (laptops, tablets, desktops) or iT1 can provide devices, such as our tablets with corrections-grade cases.

Digital Education & Vocational Solutions

Programs including bachelor's and master's degrees from accredited universities to trade school and certificates, online job training programs, adult basic education, and reentry life skills.

Cross-Platform Learner Management

Learning records and progress reports, aggregated learning records and course progress data from e-learning apps and learning management systems, app management and access controls.

App Integration / Customization

Easily bring content and courses onto our platform. Work with preferred education solutions your agency may have, or include partner content from any online or offline source.

Flexible Deployment Models /Options

Can be deployed in either an online model, or hosted securely offline in a wide-area network or local area network. Solution deployments are tailored depending on your security constraints.

"Finding a quality, flexible, all-in-one website/platform with good security is one of the biggest challenges I face. The Nucleos platform solves that problem for me."

Integration & Adoption

We have worked with several facilities, delivering custom solutions that have transformed operations, enhanced educational learning systems, and improved staff efficiency. With our expertise and experience, we offer comprehensive services tailored specifically for the needs of correctional facilities. From initial assessments and consultations to strategic planning and seamless execution, iT1 ensures a smooth and successful technology integration process.
  • Lifecycle Services

    Managing your technology investments from set-up to end of life.

  • Change Management

    Identifying, evaluating, and adding new technologies with minimal downtime.

  • Adoption Support Team

    We partner with you to use, train, and fully adopt your preferred technology tools.

  • Professional & Managed Services

    Data Center, Azure Cloud, Help Desk, Security as a Service, Backup Recovery, and more.

Our Featured Technology Partners

We have extensive partnerships with the very best companies to provide our clients with the right technology and tools to drive your success.

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