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Optimize Your Store Location with Wireless Guardian's Store-as-a-Medium (SaaM) Platform.

Secure your space, gain valuable data-driven insights, and create enhanced experiences for your visitors all while driving revenue growth.

Achieve a Competitive Edge with Immersive, Data-Driven Shopping Experiences

Unlock passive revenue opportunities. Wireless Guardian offers an integrated suite of technology solutions that combines security data, connectivity, and revenue generation —a game-changer for your business. By leveraging this technology, you get access to real-time data; critical for safeguarding your employees and customers, optimizing operations, and boosting your profitability.

#1. Turnkey Security for your space.

Security is a critical aspect of the Wireless Guardian’s Store-as-a-Medium (SaaM) platform, including advanced intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) to identify and block potential security threats.

  • AI-Powered Cameras

    Mitigate risks of theft, violence, and disease by detecting temperature variations.

  • Facial Recognition

    Use for identity verification and monitoring, enhancing security measures.

  • Wireless Security Sensors

    Monitor various wireless frequencies, providing visibility into connected devices such as sensors, laptops, and cell phones.

A woman shopper is picking up a box of water off the shelf. She has a shopping basket on her arm and some produce in the basket.

#2. Operational efficiency and enhanced customer experience.

Store Operations: With Wireless Guardian’s state-of-the-art AI and tracking technologies, you receive real-time store insights such as customer behavior and mood.

Analyze foot traffic patterns, purchase histories, popular products, and seasonal trends, helping you optimize inventory management, staff allocation, and store layout.

Customer Experience: it can offer personalized recommendations, real-time promotions, and instant customer support, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

#3. Data-driven revenue and profitability.

Unlock new revenue streams, enhance brand loyalty, and drive sales conversions with customized content, real-time product recommendations, promotional offers, and personalized content.

In-store displays: Promote partner products through strategically placed displays.

Digital kiosks: Offer interactive experiences showcasing partner products and services.

Targeted advertising: Reach a broader audience by delivering personalized ads based on customer preferences.

Store owner smiling as customer pays for her purchase with mobile phone

How SaaM Works

Wireless Guardian’s ground-breaking security-first SaaM seamlessly blends security, customer loyalty programs, and real-time customized advertising. 

With data captured at the point of sale (POS), from device screens, and within in-store and digital out-of-home (DooH) settings, SaaM offers actionable customer data across the retail and omnichannel footprint.

Offset Costs With Your Data

Generate passive revenue that will pay for the platform. Similar to having solar panels on your roof that your electric company can utilize, it’s possible the this technology capturing your data traffic could pay for your security and marketing data.  

Using the same technology you receive with Wireless Guardian’s SaaM or Security platforms, your company can offer this data to other advertisers that want to reach your customers. It’s a win win.

Tap into More Revenue Opportunities with iT1

Let iT1 work with you to understand your Store-as-a-Medium (SaaM) opportunity and how you can monetize this solution to offset your costs.

Contact your iT1 Account Manager or schedule a call with us today.

About Wireless Guardian

Wireless Guardian, founded in 2017, focuses on security and retail solutions. Their dynamic and comprehensive approach to security and retail solutions is bolstered by their patented technology, which offers real-time data to safeguard the public, enhance the retail experience, and improve efficiency and profitability.

Their patented system is the world’s first forward-facing human threat detection system, effectively tracking security threats up to a mile outside a facility’s perimeter.

Whether it’s protecting patrons, facilities, or enhancing retail operations, Wireless Guardian leverages cutting-edge technology to address security challenges.

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