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Educate. Rehabilitate.

By promoting access to education and training programs, correctional education programs reduce recidivism and help people realize their full potential.
Incarcerated Population
Eventually Released
0 %
Of Those Released
are Re-arrested
0 %
Incarcerated Population are
High-School Drop-Outs
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Why Digital Education Programs Work

Education and vocational training programs in prison are proven to dramatically lower the rate at which formerly incarcerated people are re-arrested and re-incarcerated. Correctional agencies can promote a more just and safe society by offering those currently incarcerated access to proven educational and training opportunities.


Build Life and Work Skills

Best in-class digital education and training empowers learners and staff.


Positive Community Impact

Increases the chances of successful reintegration into communities and the job market.


Supports Stakeholder Goals

Meets rehabilitative and program goals while saving cost, time, and resources.

Opportunities for Correctional FACILITIES & Reentry Programs

Invest in iT1 and Nucleos "Achieve DXP" for Better Business Outcomes

We provide a cost-effective, scaleable communications and education platform for the corrections industry. By combining our robust technology capabilities and Nucleos industry-leading program, we can reduce your future reincarceration costs and increase your operational efficiencies – savings you can add back into your bottom line.

Increase Access to High-Quality Programs

Extend and enhance your learning resources by delivering leading college, high-school, adult basic education, and other courses

Measure Outcomes and Track Progress

  • Meet and exceed your recidivism goals

  • Identify which programs result in the best outcomes

  • Keep track of what's working and what isn't

Reduce Staff Workload

Automate administrative processes and workflows with digital delivery, remote counseling, and on-demand interactive content

How iT1 and Achieve DXP Drive Success with Education and Technology

Our Reentry as a Service managed solution delivers best-in-class learning resources, content accessibility, state-of-the art security, and more. 

Designed as an open integrations model, you can securely deploy and seamlessly integrate with existing digital or in-person programs letting you scale based on resource and learner needs.  

What People Are Saying About Nucleos

Create your own Success Story. See what Nucleos & iT1 can do for you.

We offer demos, needs analysis, security assessments, and pilot programs within your facility environment.

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