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Cybersecurity Awareness and Training

Managed Security Awareness prepares your employees to recognize and neutralize social engineering attacks and human error—helping to end cyber risk at your organization.

Microlearning for Awareness and Behavior Change

Every day, highly motivated threat actors set their sights on employees.  Unfortunately, most employees are left unprepared because the training they receive is so infrequent that it never stays top of mind.  People forget 80% of what they learn in less than a month if they are not re-engaged. Contrast that with ongoing microlearning, which improves retention by 200% .

Recognize and Neutralize Social Engineering Attacks and Human Error

Our Managed Security Awareness enables employees to recognize and neutralize social engineering attacks and human error through microlearning content, automated phishing simulations, and awareness coaching.



Brief, purpose-driven, frictionless content designed for optimal learning and behavioral adoption.


Employees earn points based on their participation and engagement in the Managed Security Awareness program. Admins can keep an eye on employee points in the Leaderboard.

Current Threat Vectors

Relevant content informed by real-world threat intel and industry trends.


Employee Performance

Identify employee risk with quizzes, automated phishing simulations, and report cards.

Program Effectiveness

Track and measure your Culture Score based on employee behaviors.

Reported Emails

See your employees do their part to protect their inboxes and your organization by reporting suspicious emails.


Employee Confidence

Positive reinforcement and guidance to develop security awareness champions.

Security Culture

Peer-to-peer coaching with your CST to advance your awareness program.

Cyber Resilience

Reduce the risk of social engineering attacks with prepared and alert employees.

how it works

A More Effective Security Awareness Program

Awareness Training

Phishing Simulation

Reports and Analytics

A Friction-Free Experience

Cybersecurity isn’t every employee’s job function, but every employee needs to be an active participant in the security posture of their organization. Employees are expected to stay up to date on their security awarenss training and we make it easy for them to get their jobs done while staying secure.


"Organizations that feel that they are in a place of being fully successfully staffed within their cybersecurity teams are easily in the minority."

--State of Cybersecurity: 2023 Trends

Ready to Take Action?

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