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What You Need to Know

Legacy CSP has been retired as of Jan 1, 2024.

As your licensing comes up for renewal in 2024, Microsoft will automatically enroll you into NCE without any notifications. The current licensing plan you are on will automatically be transitioned and locked in for one year.  Academic, non-profit and government are still on legacy and will be moved. For companies not in this space, roughly 25% of companies still have legacy licensing that will transition in 2024.

iT1 would like to complete a 15 minute licensing review to determine your needs prior to this change. Please fill out the form and we will be in touch shortly.

  • Effective January 1, 2024, any remaining legacy subscription will be transitioned automatically to NCE for a locked-in annual term on its anniversary date.

  • Also effective 2024 (Date – To Be Announced Soon), academic, non-profit, and government subscriptions will be purchased through the New Commerce Experience (NCE) and will no longer be transacted under the legacy CSP.

  • Take action now to ensure your transition is seamless and accurate without relying on an automated transition process. Talk to iT1 about your existing licenses, current needs and any changes before your enrollment to NCE.   

Some of the Key Changes with NCE

Subscriptions can be purchased as an annual or monthly term

Locked in pricing based on your initial order for the term of the subscription

Month to Month Subscriptions have a 20% price premium since there is no long-term commitment.

Billing can be upfront or monthly based on the subscription term chosen

Coterminosity to drive a single anniversary date and ensure a simple renewal process

Ability to upgrade to an eligible subscription with automatic seat re-assignment

Increase license quantities on a subscription at any time with prorated pricing

Cancellations or Seat Reductions are permitted only within (7) days of an order being processed

Multi-Geo 365 add-on

Hybrid Use Benefit for 365

Telco Overage Billing – no need for Communication Credits


LEGACY CSP (Retired end of 2023)

A Microsoft CSP
Timeline Snapshot


Microsoft introduces
New Commerce Experience (NCE)


Microsoft expands their cloud licensing portfolio with commercial offers such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365

Nov 2023

Microsoft expands their cloud licensing portfolio to include public sector offers

Jan 2024

Microsoft to retire legacy CSP. All new or renewal subscriptions will be transacted through NCE.

Don't Get Locked In.

Take control of your own terms and changes. Reach out to your iT1 Account Rep or our dedicated Microsoft team for help with your legacy subscription transition or to better understand what these changes mean for you and your teams.