Partner Template 2024 - iT1



And/or Subhead Here

Short intro; 1-2 sentences

The Why / Challenges

Challenges IT directors face in the partner field or specialty (i.e. cybersecurity, data storage, moving to cloud, etc.)  Include relevant stats or graphics if available

The Who / How Solve

  • Partner value 
  • How iT1 ties with partner solution(s)
  • What services or solutions they provide (this could be additional sections)
  • How their services solve those pain points/challenges

Benefits / Why iT1 and Partner

  • How or what IT directors benefit/achieve/receive from partnering with iT1 and partner 
  • Include space for any applicable offers

Upcoming Events

  • Include space for any applicable webinars or upcoming in-person events


  • Partner-provided pdfs, videos
  • Could be text links
  • Could be image + text (for example start of blog post)


Great tag line or copy to get them to contact us. This section can be formatted this layout, or 2-column layout with button on the right.

  • Include any disclaimers or legalese if applicable (i.e. trademark info or source references for pdfs)

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