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How To Prepare Yourself To Be Your Best In 2023

The year 2022 was an interesting one to say the least. We’re still getting used to life post-pandemic along with all of the challenges that have come with it. But we’ve also faced some of our own challenges in the industry this year. From preparing an entire workforce to work from home, to supporting any and every issue around the clock and helping our colleagues and coworkers navigate through these times.

With all of these changes though also comes new factors we encounter in our own day to day lives and routines. Some have adapted while others are still finding out how to adjust to these new times. But there is a shining light at the end of the tunnel in all of this – the holidays and 2023! Spending time with family and loved ones, and more importantly counting down to 2023.

For some of us, this time will be a new beginning in preparing both personally and professionally in readjusting their goals and refocusing for the new year. So how can you outline your goals to align and structure them to fit your day-to-day routine? I’m going to share with you some tips that have helped me through the years.

Set Target Goals and Dates

I constantly set goals. In setting these goals, I also set dates to achieve them by. This helps me to stay focused on my goals and on track, knowing exactly where I’m at in my progress. This is a great strategy to implement not only in your career development and work life but your personal life as well. It gives you such clear direction of what you want to achieve, where you are, and where your next move should be.

Breaking Into IT and Advancement

Finding your path in IT isn’t always the easiest. And for most people they’re faced with the same question we all once were – “Where do I begin?” The IT field has become just like the medical field – there’s so many paths to enter into it’s insane. Whether you’re pushing the IT cart or managing the White House’s infrastructure, we’re lucky to live in these times. From Network/Systems Administration, Solutions Architect, Programming, Engineering and more, the path you choose will be decided by you but I have some great advice I’d love to share from my time in the industry.

If you’re just beginning in IT, you’re young, hungry, and passionate. That’s incredible! That’s why for anyone starting out, the IT Helpdesk is where you want to be. I know having that prestigious Network Administrator title is alluring. And once you’ve reset that 9,687th password, it’s not that glamorous after all. But like anything else, you need to have foundational and core skills to be successful in any role in the IT industry. From troubleshooting skills and resolving issues, customer facing interactions and more, this gives you an opportunity to not only absorb everything but to take it all in. Expose yourself to technologies you’ve never worked with and strengthen your skills overall. More importantly this also helps with professional development and helping you find a path you can be successful on in the future.

Now if you’re a seasoned pro, you’ve been around for quite a bit and you’re looking for that next mountain to climb. Add more tools to your skill set in 2023! Distinguish yourself from everyone else, and give you the most distinct advantage in the market while also increasing your value to other employers. They’re looking for someone with passion and determination to further themselves over time. In applying yourself, you’ll be able to achieve that dream job and further your goals into a whole new level.

No matter what we achieve or strive for in the future, we can always be better versions of ourselves. Through patience, time, and focus, we can close one chapter and look ahead to the future. Now is the time to take on 2023 full storm. Set a plan for ourselves and simply execute it to the fullest intent in being successful in our overall goals. I’m ready to achieve those next steps, are you? If so, I’ll see you at the top.


Girard Kavelines lives in northeastern Pennsylvania with his beautiful wife and five amazing children. He has over 15 years of experience as an IT Professional. Working in many different areas and roles from IT Helpdesk, Network Technician, Network and System Administrator, and IT Administrator. He is currently working toward achieving his CCNA, and then pursuing this CCNP. For his endless work as a blogger, Girard has been recognized as a VMware vExpert and Cisco Champion. He blogs regularly at TechHouse570.

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