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Powerful Tools for Better Care

When healthcare providers have powerful, intuitive tools for delivering care, they can work more effectively within hospitals, connect remotely with patients, and conduct groundbreaking medical research. iOS, iPadOS, and WatchOS apps are bringing more efficiency—and more connection—to the ways medicine is practiced, care is delivered, and patients engage with their health.

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Apple Products in Healthcare Today

Apple devices are designed to work securely and seamlessly with other healthcare technologies and features, improving efficiency, accessibility, and the overall quality of healthcare services and workflows involved in patient care.

Empowering clinicians to connect from anywhere.

With apps on iPhone and iPad, care providers can work more efficiently and deliver more personal care to patients. Clinicians can have access to electronic medical records from anywhere in the hospital—and beyond. Nurses can securely communicate with each other using apps on iPhone. And patients can stay informed, connected, and entertained on iPad, with apps that allow them to see lab results, communicate with care teams and family, and enjoy media and games.

iPad, iPhone for Nurses and Doctors

Expanding the reach of healthcare research.

With ResearchKit, institutions can create iOS and iPadOS apps to serve as powerful tools for medical research. Enroll participants, capture informed consent, and gather medical information more frequently, directly from patients. And scale
up your cohort while keeping administration manageable.

Extending healthcare to the home.

At home, Apple products help patients stay involved in their care. Care at home apps empower patients to manage their medical conditions and share information with care providers.

HealthKit-enabled apps and medical devices give patients an easy way to track and share health data with care teams through the Health app. Apple Watch offers options for monitoring heart health and detecting falls, and it encourages users to sit less, move more, and get exercise.

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Real-World Applications and Use Cases

iPhone & iPad Integration

Nurses can perform ultrasound imaging at the bedside using Butterfly IQ+, a handheld device that connects to iPhone or iPad. For peripheral IV placement, this ultrasound solution assists with difficult vascular access procedures by letting nurses visualize the needle. It also helps reduce unnecessary catheterization by allowing nurses to scan the bladder at bedside - no cart needed.

JAMF Reset & JAMF Pro for Security

A leading Seattle Children's hospital offers iPads to help ease pain and "offer normalcy" for their pediatric patients. After the patient is done with the iPad device, the nursing staff taps the JAMF Reset app which quickly and securely wipes the device and sets it up again for the next patient.
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iOS & iPadOS Health Apps

iOS and iPadOS apps enable patients to stay connected to their care teams between office visits. Healthcare organizations can use off-the-shelf apps or use CareKit to create apps that empower patients to manage their health .

iPhone, Apple Watch, the Health app, and HealthKit-enabled apps, along with integrated medical devices, make it easy for patients to record their health data and share it with their care teams.

AI-Powered Tools & Apps

Ambient Clinical Intelligence (ACI): a comprehensive, AI-powered, voice-enabled solution that uses ambient sensing technology to securely listen to clinician-patient conversations.
• Captures and contextualizes every word of the patient encounter.
Automatically documents patient care without taking the physician's attention off the patient. • Provides workflow and knowledge automation to complement the EHR (Electronic Health Records).


iT1 Apple Services and Solutions

iT1 supports Apple innovation for your healthcare needs. From device management and procurement to Apple Business Manager, trade-in programs and services, we are your go-to source for all things Apple.

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Key Product Programs

Optimize savings and value-adds with guidance from Apple experts including:

• Prebuilts Bundling Options
• Hardware Integration and Configuration
• Desktop and Laptop Imaging
• Mac® Readiness Assessments

Operational Efficiencies

Reduce admin tasks by letting us manage your warranties, maintenance, and updates.

• Warranties and Repairs
• AppleCare Registration
• Inventory Management and Reporting
• Software Updates

Managed Services

Save on costs, resources, and IT downtime with our managed services including:

• (Free) Warehousing
• Asset Tracking, Salvage, and Disposal
• Trained Technicians and Project Managers
• Short to Long-Term Logistical Planning

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