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Are Managed IT Security Services Right for Your Business?

Managed SecurityCyber-attacks are becoming increasingly commonplace in headline news. Security threats target the entire spectrum of organizations, from legal and financial firms to eCommerce operations, and are becoming more hostile and frequent. Savvy corporations are amping up cyber-security measures and evaluating how best to detect threats early, resist attacks, and react quickly when a threat has occurred.

However, tight budgets, a limited pool of skilled resources, and the complexities of developing comprehensive security programs have created challenging conditions to sufficiently protect organizations. According to a recent survey by EY, 41% of organizations have now turned to outsourced security monitoring to overcome these obstacles and address their advanced security and compliance demands.

Benefits of Managed Security Services

With 54% growth in corporate use of cloud-based services, security management demands are growing exponentially. Attacks can happen through employee communications, API integrations, hardware, firmware, and the Internet of Things to name just a few potential targets. Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) can enhance your visibility into threats that can directly impact your company, and develop the action plans needed to mitigate the risk to your security.

MSSP Services

  • Managed SecurityDedicated Support – Managed providers dedicate skilled experts to monitoring security 24×7
  • Proactive Vulnerability Testing – Vulnerability risk assessments and penetration testing are systematically deployed to detect risks before an attack happens.
  • Reduced Detection Times – Threat intelligence and intrusion management enhance the ability to detect threats early.
  • Compliance Expertise – MSSP’s are highly trained in regulation and compliance requirements.
  • Elite Threat Intelligence – Managed providers have advanced expertise and can protect against challenging risks like Zero Day Threats.
  • Reduced Costs – Managed services eliminate the need to hire additional full-time security staff. Therefore, managed providers are a cost effective solution to elevate your security solutions and quickly scale as your data and infrastructure grow.

Moving Forward with Managed Security

Managed security services can be an extension of your current security operations, applying advanced data analytics and security insights to span complete networks, endpoints, vulnerability management, monitoring and ongoing analysis. These solutions will allow you to close gaps and connect independent silos for higher protection levels. Proactively moving toward managed security enhances your visibility into risks so that actionable remediation plans can be enacted.

Learn more about the benefits of Managed Security Services by contacting an iT1 professional today, and take the first step into proactively protecting your company against the next wave of cyber-attacks.

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