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Why You Need More From Your IT Consulting

Let’s face it, hiring IT consultants can be a dicey process. A lot of technical consulting firms have a team with a mixed-bag skillset; you never know if you’re hiring a superb generalist or a true expert. And on the other end of the spectrum, consultants with an impressive pedigree can quickly eat away at your budget.

Yet, your end goal in both situations is the same: as an IT leader, you need to hire people you can trust, who can execute, and who fall within your budget. This concept is the foundation behind iT1’s commitment to achieving far beyond the minimum vendor requirements for delivering IT solutions to our clients.

Average IT consulting doesn’t cut it.

Education, training, and certifications—these are cornerstones of our business. In today’s competitive market, you can’t afford to be just average. This applies to our clients’ businesses and it applies to iT1’s business. “Checking the box” and doing the bare minimum, with anything—whether it’s an engagement, a certification, account management—won’t get you far.

No one partners with anyone because of their average expertise. Partners come to us because they trust us to deliver expert IT consulting. To be that trusted advisor, every single person on our team needs to possess the deep technical knowledge required to drive successful engagements.IT Consulting

HPE Sales Certified

Here’s a recent example of this commitment in action. To become an HPE Platinum Partner, HPE requires eight people on a team to have HPE Sales Certifications. Rather than knock the eight minimum sales certifications off our list, we recently hosted training for 26 of our sales professionals. The HPE sales program focuses on four core business outcomes: Transforming to a Hybrid Infrastructure, Protecting the Digital Enterprise, Empowering Data-driven Organizations, and Enabling Workplace Productivity.

Taking the time and making the investment to train our entire sales team means that we have a workforce that is confident, knowledgeable and prepared to guide our clients on the path to real business transformation.

What this means for you

The iT1 team is more prepared than ever to deliver exceptional service and strategic IT consulting for your initiatives.

  • We service virtually every industry, from healthcare to finance, retail to manufacturing.
  • We’re equipped to manage your roadmap for storage and data management, virtualization, unified communications, networking, managed services and procurement.
  • iT1 is deeply committed to addressing your unique challenges and needs.
  • We’re able to ask the right questions, engage the critical stakeholders and pull together the right resources to achieve success.

Bottom line: you can trust iT1 to be your IT expert.

Frankly, we can discuss IT certifications all day long, but the real test comes in our deliverability. iT1 goes above and beyond the minimum to ensure we’ll always deliver, every time. This is a promise we make to our clients: we’re prepared to deliver exceptional, transformational business results.

What are your IT challenges? We’re ready to listen and we’re ready to help.

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