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The Future of Work Starts Here: High-Performance HP + AMD + Windows 11 Pro

Your teams need both mobility and power to get their jobs done. Employees can’t live with the limitations of yesterday’s lightweight laptops, and you can’t live with risks to your company’s security when employees are mobile or remote. Technology shapes how workers experience their jobs, so give them the edge they need. Equip them with powerful, secure laptops that fuel seamless video collaboration, handle data and graphics-intensive tasks, and keep the lines of communication open.

New, best-in-class power and productivity

The new generation of HP AMD AI business laptops are designed for the new model of hybrid work. They offer the power of a desktop in a sleek, lightweight form.

The HP EliteBook 805 series notebooks give employees the same high-performance experience as the desktops they may be used to, with easy docking solutions that support the highest-resolution external displays. The computing power of the AMD Ryzen™ PRO 6000 Series Processors, with up to eight high-performance cores enables users to breeze through demanding, business-critical tasks from spreadsheets to videoconferencing. The long battery life allows users to work productively throughout the workday without needing to constantly recharge.

Flexibility – Work from Anywhere

Built with the quality and durability that today’s mobile workforce demands, the HP AMD Ryzen PC delivers a sleek design for professionals who are always on the go. Powered by the AMD Ryzen™ PRO 6000 Series Processors and the latest innovations in Windows 11 Pro for business, the HP EliteBook 805 series is a perfect solution that puts the office wherever your employees need it to be.

HP EliteBook PCs are designed to foster seamless collaboration among your teams. Features include high-quality webcams and advanced audio so your employees can be heard wherever they work. Plus, Windows 11 Pro for business and Teams integration enables workers to collaborate instantly and transparently, helping employees stay focused and productive.

Strengthen endpoint security

A single breach can put you out of business. Hybrid work increases the risk, unless you start with the world’s most secure PCs1. Your employees can work confidently anywhere with HP’s comprehensive security, bolstered by AMD Ryzen™ PRO, to stop threats in their tracks. And you can have peace of mind knowing HP Wolf Security safeguards your privacy, data, and devices from the moment they turn on through integrated security products that work together in the background.

  • HP Sure Start is a highly reliable, self-healing firmware platform that protects HP EliteBook business PCs at the BIOS level, preventing malware or attackers from gaining control of the system.

  • HP Sure Click stops ransomware and phishing attacks by isolating risky websites and files before they can do harm.

  • Now you can find, lock and erase PCs remotely with HP Wolf Protect & Trace – even if it’s powered down.

AMD Memory Guard protects HP Elitebook and Zbook PCs from cold-boot attacks and safeguards data through real-time encryption if a PC is lost or stolen, whether it’s powered on or off. You can reduce people’s downtime to minutes and store recovery images securely on a PC with an optional embedded module.

  • Enhance your infrastructure of Microsoft Endpoint Manager or other client management solutions.

  • Import devices at order into your Autopilot account.

  • Automate deploying PCs and simplify their management wherever you are.

More efficient management for IT

IT can enhance its own modern management practices and deliver better user experiences while saving time and resources by accessing AMD HP EliteBook PCs from anywhere with AMD cloud-based remote manageability.

  • Access and assist employees working from home, coffee shops, or anywhere else with an internet connection.

  • Get people back to work faster, and with fewer support tickets.

  • Re-image, configure, and deploy updates to PCs securely over the internet.

  • Configure recovery to an HP preinstalled image or your custom image.

  • Troubleshoot with advanced insights on hardware device health and readiness.

The future of Windows business laptops starts with AMD Ryzen AI

Generative AI applications and usage are on the rise, and as reliance on technology becomes the norm, keeping up with advancing tech depends on accessibility. AI-driven features include highly responsive computation and heightened functionality. AMD Ryzen™ AI business PCs are uniquely equipped to handle AI tasks efficiently, thanks to the integration of an NPU designed to work alongside the CPU and GPU. AMD Ryzen™ AI aims to deliver such AI experiences on HP business laptops by revolutionizing the PC experience:

  • World’s first integrated AI engine in an x86 processor2

  • Optimized to run AI workloads for incredible system efficiency

  • Up to 4 concurrent AI streams for real-time multi-tasking

  • Processes up to 10 Trillion AI Operations per Second (TOPS)

  • Allows AMD AI business PC users to experience on-device AI every day.

Power today’s mobile professional workforce

Empower your team anywhere with HP EliteBook and Zbook PCs featuring secure, high-performance AMD Ryzen™ processors. These versatile options, from business essentials to enterprise powerhouses, will future-proof your work style.

At IT1, we are committed to helping our clients maximize their IT investments now, and for the future. Talk to us about your business computing needs and we can help you identify the right devices so your employees can be empowered to do their best work from wherever they are, while your data and your business stay secure.

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