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The cost of recovering from a disaster: VMware’s vCloud Air Disaster Recovery


In today’s enterprise environment, disaster recovery is no longer an alien concept. With so much riding on digital documents and assets, companies must ensure that critical processes can continue if these platforms become inaccessible. However, there are still some organizations that don’t invest as much as they should in their disaster recovery plans.

This is where VMware’s vCloud Air Disaster Recovery solution can become so valuable. VMware wrote the book on digital access, and its industry-leading DR solution can help ensure that your business can continue humming along even if a disaster takes place.

Statistics show the importance of proper DR

“40 percent of businesses never reopen after a disaster.”

Disaster recovery planning isn’t just a luxury for large businesses anymore. As companies of all sizes continue to migrate digital assets to online and hosted platforms, proper DR planning becomes something that organizations of any size can’t exist without.

For instance, did you know that 40 percent of businesses never reopen their doors after experiencing a disaster? What’s more, Forbes contributor Ryan Scott noted that just under 30 percent of companies impacted by a disaster were still in operation two years after an event.

However, this only scratches the surface when it comes to research backing the need for effective DR. Let’s take a look at a few more important numbers:

  • 50 percent of businesses have experienced a disaster resulting in a service outage that prevents access to critical data and documents.
  • The average downtime event lasts 18.5 hours and can cost small businesses $8,000 per hour. Large enterprises, on the other hand, incur costs of up to $800,000 every hour that downtime continues.
  • Only 35 percent of outages are the result of storms or other natural disasters. 45 percent come due to operational issues, and 19 percent are the result of human error.
  • Although 62 percent of IT executives noted that their business has a DR strategy in place, 36 percent said this plan is incomplete and doesn’t provide the full protection the organization needs.

While these statistics may paint a bleak outlook for enterprise disaster recovery, planning is improving. In fact, nearly half of decision-makers – 43 percent to be exact – noted that they will increase their investment or otherwise improve their disaster recovery strategy.

If a disaster can do this much damage to a home, imagine the toll it could take on a business. If a disaster can do this much damage to a home, imagine the toll it could take on a business.

How VMware can help

From these statistics, it’s clear to see that enterprises can use a bit of assistance when it comes to effective disaster recovery. Thankfully, VMware is here to help with its vCloud Air Disaster Recovery solution that can reduce organizations’ risk and help them effectively recovery following a disaster.

VMware’s vCloud Air allows businesses to protect their critical data and important applications, without the need for expensive hardware or a secondary location. With a small, cost-effective initial investment, companies can back up corporate data according to their own schedules, and leverage the cloud to establish the best disaster recovery plan possible.

To find out more, contact iT1 Source, a Premier VMware Solution Provider, today.

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