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The Case for Migrating Your Phones to the Cloud

Cloud CommunicationAs your business needs grow, you need technologies that are just as flexible and adaptable as your workforce, and your customers. Today, more workers than ever work remotely or rely on a flexible work schedule. This means they’re more dependent on smartphones and mobile technologies than ever before. At the same time, customers operate in a “now” mindset—they want answers now, solutions now and responses now.

New technologies to address new demands

How can IT teams support these growing demands? One answer: cloud-based communication and collaboration. Cloud-based communication tools have raised the bar on collaboration, giving your team the tools they need to instantly connect, regardless of their location or their team’s location. These systems leverage your already-existing internet connection to empower fast communication. Features such as instant messaging, conferences, local phone numbers and effortless texting gives your workers the tools they need to communicate in the style they prefer. The best part? It’s one of the most affordable platforms you can build into your enterprise infrastructure.

Take your phone system to the cloud

RingCentral is one solution for businesses that want to migrate their entire phone system to the cloud. It works for companies of all sizes, locations and budgets. It’s a solid solution for companies that want to easily integrate with other cloud platforms, not deal with the hassle (and expense) of hardware and get up and running in minutes—it’s truly that easy! A few highlights:

  • Voice, conference and meetings—in one system. Folding all this functionality into one system, versus using several providers, gives users a familiar experience regardless of their needs.
  • Reduce or remove your need for technical support. Save countless hours troubleshooting and managing complex systems, and enable your IT team to focus on higher priority projects. RingCentral allows admins to quickly add users, locations and devices regardless of the user’s location. And, it puts the power back into users’ hands, giving them the opportunity to customize their settings within RingCentral.
  • Mobile-ready. RingCentral works the way your employees want to work: on their smartphones and tablets. Simply install the RingCentral mobile app and phones are transformed into powerful business communication tools.
  • Save when you move to the cloud. Not only do you simplify your phone system management, you simply your costs. The cloud removes the burden of purchasing and maintaining hardware. Plus, you benefit from “all-inclusive” pricing, in just one monthly bill.

Build on your communication and collaboration knowledge

Cloud technologies are ever-changing. That’s why iT1 offers regular events, specifically geared towards the IT professional who wants to stay current on the latest technologies, providers and solutions. These free events are a great opportunity to learn more about cloud-based communication and collaboration, get your questions answered and connect directly with other IT professionals in your region. Learn more or sign up here.

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