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The Business Savings Go Deep with Microsoft Surface Investments

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Organizations are increasingly looking to improve employee experience by replacing legacy device technologies with more flexible hardware solutions and cloud technologies. This aims to improve employee experience across organizations, supporting modern work environments. Main priorities with this digital transformation effort have focused on giving employees:

  • Empowered productivity
  • Optimized collaboration
  • Work-from-anywhere security

Research points the way

A Forrester TEI study covering enterprise device usage has shown that investments in Microsoft Office 365-powered Surface devices have enhanced employee productivity while improving workforce collaboration and teamwork. This usage also helps to increase security and deliver more efficient device-related IT operations.

Surface and Microsoft 365, via iT1, establishes a technology strategy that supports the different ways and places teams can work. This lets enterprises streamline device management and deployment while maintaining secure control from anywhere. In fact, based on the data:

  • 75% of organizations that have invested in Microsoft 365-powered Surface devices note improved employee satisfaction and retention
  • 9 hours are saved per week for highly mobile workers on common tasks
  • $11 million net present value after deploying Microsoft 365 on Surface compared to non-Surface devices
  • 112% ROI on Microsoft 365 with Surface1

A powerful shift on all organizational levels

Microsoft 365 on Surface devices deliver on real value to IT teams while helping enterprise efforts shift from deployment and management oversight to enhancing end user customer experience. Because security is built into every layer on Surface devices, from the firmware to the operating system, all users can enjoy freedom and confidence wherever they are. Other benefits of this infrastructure investment include:

Rapid Deployment & Cloud Management – Built with greater automation and enabled for Autopilot, Surface reduces IT complexity and eliminates time-consuming corporate re-imaging by shipping and deploying straight to users. Users can maintain control with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and DFCI for complete and seamless device management down to the firmware layer.

Enterprise Grade – Organizations are empowered to do more with less by implementing new, agile methods that improve IT efficiency, reduce overhead and support costs. With reduced IT complexity, more cost-savings are found through corporate re-imaging and unified management.

Chip-to-Cloud Security – With Surface, security from Microsoft is designed into every layer of the device, from hardware to firmware, to the operating system, and through to cloud management tools from Microsoft 365.

Powerful Performance & Productivity – With all-day battery life and new battery features (such as Instant On and Fast Charging), team productivity can go through the roof. Design and visualization tasks are supported by the Surface Book 3, and machine learning models create stunning visuals with quad-core powered 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processors.

Establishing scalable collaboration and teamwork

Today’s business requires modern tech to thrive in turbulent times, and Surface devices deliver the innovation that helps unlock new, more agile ways of working. This establishes a scalable, inherently secure, and innovative business solution that empowers organizations to simply do more.

Help teamwork come to life for everyone in your organization, regardless of who’s onsite and who’s remote with Microsoft Teams running on Surface. You can accomplish more with devices that support the different ways your people need to work and more efficient interfaces that reduce the need for additional peripherals:

  • Touchscreen and inking
  • Password-less, faster and secure logon
  • High-performance chip sets
  • Multi-touch screens
  • Crystal-clear audio and video

Get the most value out of your teams, whenever and wherever they operate. Connect with iT1 for a complete, no-obligation analysis based on your unique business environment.



  1. Forrester Consulting, “A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study: Maximizing Your ROI From Microsoft 365 Enterprise With Microsoft Surface,” commissioned by Microsoft, 2018
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