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The “As a Service” Model Comes to Hardware

PC refreshes have fallen to the backburner for many organizations, as IT teams are forced to choose between higher priority initiatives, like mobile readiness, and keeping dated hardware running smoothly. The challenge: buying, deploying and managing hardware is becoming an expensive, antiquated cycle that is difficult to maintain.

To solve for this, many companies are turning to Device as a Service (DaaS), which offers the potential to streamline the way an organization acquires, manages and uses its technology. By leveraging DaaS, IT teams can focus on more strategic, high-priority projects, while allowing IT partners, like iT1 and HP, to manage the full lifecycle of a device, from procurement to services.

In other words, DaaS enables IT, professionals, to do more—with less.

Benefits of DaaS

The Benefits of DaaS

The goal of DaaS is to deliver simplicity. And it starts with the contract: hardware, software, and services are lumped into a single contract, with one vendor. This benefits companies in three main ways:

  • Reduced expenses. Bundling leads to significant savings because you’re working with a single vendor for hardware, software, and services. There are very appealing financial rewards for working with one vendor for all three needs, and on the vendor side, they’re able to gain efficiencies in the way they operate and deliver by taking a holistic view of your organization. This gives them insights into areas for improvement and opportunities to drive operational efficiencies. According to an IDC 2016 survey, respondents reported that they saved approximately 25% on costs across hardware, software and services with “as a Service” bundles.


  • Reduce your IT workload. Respondents to the same IDC survey said that managing devices took up 14% of their time—which half of the respondents felt was too much. Many DaaS services are also coupled with device management services, offloading the responsibility from in-house teams to DaaS partners.


  • Provide better service to employees. DaaS has been shown to help IT organizations with their overall refresh strategy, allowing them to stay on top of the process and improve the way they serve their internal customers. In fact, IDC survey respondents reported that they predict DaaS will shorten their refresh cycle by an astounding seven months.


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iT1 is partnering with HP to deliver DaaS for a wide range of devices. HP offers global expertise, remote diagnostic and monitoring services, helping you to optimize your device choices and discover issues before they arise. Plus, HP offers the right software and services for a range of devices, from HP thin clients and printers to Androids and iPhones.

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