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Shining the spotlight on Cisco’s Intelligent WAN


In today’s technology-focused environment, the network that supports your company’s most crucial systems is more important than ever. After all, without this critical resource, your staff would be unable to access the applications, databases and other assets that make important tasks possible.

In recent years, software-defined wide area network solutions have emerged as an answer for some of the most pressing pain points facing businesses. The market for SD-WAN has since exploded, with experienced vendors and startups alike offering branded solutions. But what makes one system different from the next? What can this technology offer your business?

Today, we’re taking a deep dive into Cisco’s Intelligent WAN, a smart software-defined solution from one of the most well-known names in the technology sector. Let’s take a look at what differentiates Cisco’s IWAN from other available solutions.

Cisco's IWAN provides the level of intelligent network support that your company requires. Cisco’s IWAN provides the level of intelligent network support that your company requires.

Key capabilities

Cisco’s IWAN leverages four main pillars to ensure that your network provides the very best support and performance. These include:

  1. Transport-independent design: This is a fancy phrase that simply means you can choose any connectivity support that you prefer. In this way, your business can leverage broadband internet, MPLS or any other type of connectivity from any provider, and Cisco’s IWAN will work seamlessly.
  2. Network protection: This solution also makes sure that no matter what type of connectivity you utilize, your network activity is always secured. Using robust encryption and a VPN overlay, Cisco helps you block potential threats and prevent unauthorized access.
  3. Smart traffic routing: Cisco’s IWAN continually tracks the performance of each connectivity link within your network, and uses this information to direct data and activity to the very best path. This ensures that if one link is experiencing a bottleneck, an outage or some other type of problem, your critical network traffic can be routed around the issue.
  4. Optimization for critical apps: Cisco’s IWAN comes with WAN optimization capabilities built right in. This further enhances the performance of your most important applications, ensuring they provide a fast and enjoyable experience for your employees.

Options to suit your deployment needs

In addition to these important capabilities, Cisco also provides you with an array of choices for IWAN implementation. This is a particular boon for your IT and network administrators, as you can select the deployment method that works best with your current network.

Cisco’s IWAN can be managed on-premises, and is most beneficial for businesses needing high-level customization and API integration.

Companies seeking a network solution that helps them reduce costs while advancing the performance of critical applications can select Cisco’s cloud-managed IWAN. This takes the technology off-premises and into the cloud, and offers all the benefits of a software-defined WAN alongside the advantages of cloud-based technology.

“Cisco’s IWAN solution is currently a top choice for businesses in every industry.”

Cisco also works with multiple top-notch service providers to offer a managed IWAN. This means that your SD-WAN is maintained and upkept by a team of experts, freeing your IT team from having to take on these responsibilities.

The best support for your WAN: IWAN from iT1 Source

Cisco’s IWAN solution is currently a top choice for businesses in every industry, and it’s not hard to see why. But the advantages don’t stop here, especially when your organization partners with iT1 Source for its Cisco IWAN solution.

iT1 Source is a Premier Cisco Partner, and in addition to providing you with an IWAN solution that aligns with your needs, you also benefit from our expert consulting. Our experts are by your side from deployment throughout the lifecycle of the technology, ensuring you always have a knowledgeable partner to turn to.

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