Procurement Challenges in Today's Market

Inventory constraints, chip manufacturing delays and global shipping issues are all making headlines. These create challenges when needing products to run your business.

Why iT1

iT1 has the solutions to meet your procurement you need them.

iT1 has solutions to best manage these challenges in our industry. With the ability to search for hard to find products, warehouse the inventory for future needs and offer lifecycle services, we can assist with all of your procurement needs.

Trust iT1 to use our resources to procure your infrastructure.

iT1 receives daily inventory lists from our major OEMs.

Give us your product standards, required specifications or upcoming project needs and we will search daily to find the equipment. We can work with our manufacture partners to request support, get real-time updates and determine your best plan for securing products as needed.

Want Products on hand and ready?

Utilize our Warehousing and Deployment services.  Our clients are securing their inventory by placing products in our warehouse until they need them. We do all the heavy lifting (literally) to get these shipped as needed.  We’ve experienced over 200% growth in clients utilizing our warehouse services in the past year.

Have a new hire that needs their equipment?

No need to have the added pressure of finding the products, bringing them in house to set up and get them to your newest employees within a short deadline! iT1 can warehouse your product standards and ship them to each employee for on-time delivery.   We offer imaging, testing, kitting and more.


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