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Step 1: How to Add Incentive or Gift Card Offer to an Opportunity

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00:00: This guide will walk you through the process of adding I T 1 Gift Card Offers to the Account Opportunity in Salesforce. Follow these steps to add the incentive for the gift card process. 00:12: Make sure you are in the Opportunity 00:15: Click on the "Details Tabs" option. 00:19: Navigate to the "Incentive Tracking" section. 00:22: Click on the drop-down arrow to choose the appropriate Partner or service. 00:27: For example, "Apple" 00:30: Then select the specific offer in the next field. For example, $200 Amazon Gift Card I T 1. 00:38: Click on the "Save" button at the bottom. 00:41: Our next video will cover what field to fill in after your call is completed. Thank you!

Step 2: After the Call is Completed

00:00: This guide will walk you through the process of filling in the "Completed Call" field in Salesforce. Follow the steps below to accurately track call completion and incentives. 00:11: Open the Contact record. 00:14: Navigate to the Related tab. 00:17: Select the appropriate Opportunity. In this example, it's Moody Church CSP. 00:24: Your next screen should be the Opportunity record. 00:28: Enter Edit mode. 00:31: Scroll down to the Incentive Tracking section. 00:35: Find the "Call Completed On:" field. 00:38: Click on the calendar icon on the right. 00:41: Choose the date that the call occurred. 00:44: Save the changes. 00:47: By following these steps, Marketing will be notified of when to send out the gift card.

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