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Smart Watch

The disruptive electronic offender monitoring system.


Using Smart Technology for a better monitoring platform

Reduce administrative tasks to focus more on your offender rehabilitation. 

Upstreem’s ActiveTrack enables you to easily monitor, track, and constrain an individual’s movements outside of your prison facility, jail, or detention center.  It’s suite of digital monitoring tools include:

ACTIVETRACK is the smart watch securely fitted on the offender
ACTIVEHOME is the home unit used to detect the offender’s presence at home
ACTIVEMONITOR is the fast and flexible monitoring application

Upstreem’s ActiveTrack Offender Smart Watch gives you a better way to monitor, communicate and respond to offenders during their parole period.  

More Humane

More Secure

More Efficient

Easy-to-use and secure monitoring platform with innovative features

Communication and Violation Alarms

  • No violation stays unanswered with automated reaction by the system on 100% of the violations. Immediate instructions are sent to the offender and shown on the bracelet screen.

  • Monitoring officers can then contact the offender as appropriate and take it up further.

  • Integrated processes in place to help the monitoring officers manage all alarms within their organization.

How it Works

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