The Upstreem Active Tool Suite

The Smart Watch for a Smarter Tracking Solution

ActiveTrack technology allows for direct interaction between offenders and monitoring officers.  Communication such as direct messages, reminders, automatic violation response increase compliance and enforces rehabilitation.

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Secure Fit on Offender
Screen and Buttons
48h Autonomy
Infraction Detection
Removal Detection
LED and Vibrations

Main Screen

An example of main screen with date, time, battery status and current curfew.


Reminders can be set to make sure the offender doesn’t miss  appointments.

Next Days Curfew

By navigating between the different screens, the offender can easily check the curfew for the next days.

Curfew Update

ActiveMonitor sends notification message to the offender, and ActiveTrack vibrates to warn the offender of the change.

Reinforcement Mechanisms

Positive reinforcements can be programmed to encourage the offender who comply with the given rules.

Read more on how Upstreem’s new approach to young offenders management is a gamechanger for your parole programs. 

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