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Ransomware is on the Rise. Are you Prepared?

Ransomware continues to be the attack method of choice against businesses around the globe. We are seeing an increase in attacks, with hackers demanding more money, and attacks becoming more sophisticated. These data breaches, in parallel with compliance requirements, can be devastating to a company across numerous fronts. Targets include companies of all sizes, across all industries.


No business is safe from ransomware.

To understand just how critical protecting your business from ransomware attacks is, look at some of these facts about the state of cybersecurity and ransomware in 2017.

  • Ransomware happens frequently. And by frequently we mean, it happens every 40 seconds. Even more surprising is the increase in frequency – Attacks were happening once every two minutes just 18 months ago.
  • Your next cyber attack is likely to be ransomware. If you must bet on what types of infections you’ve had so far in 2017, it’s safe to bet on malware. In fact, “According to researchers from Malwarebytes, roughly 60% of malware payloads were ransomware, with the rest being a mix of ad fraud malware and small traces of everything else.”
  • Ransomware is easy and cheap for criminals to create. Ransomware is not only popular among criminals for the big payoffs, but it’s easy to get into. It’s easier than ever for even beginners to create their own custom-crafted attacks. Additionally, these novice cyber-criminals are playing off the most established ones; new types of ransomware have rolled out 30-fold since 2015.
  • Any company, any industry. While healthcare organizations tend to be popular targets, other sectors such as education, entertainment, and finance are regularly targeted, as well. And while larger companies make attractive victims—since they can manage massive payouts—companies of all sizes are vulnerable.
  • Things have gotten far more sophisticated than phishing. As far as a ransomware entry point, phishing has slowed slightly. It’s likely due to email users becoming savvier about threats, and more likely to spot suspicious emails. However, cyber-criminals are turning to other entry points, such as a remote desktop. Take WannaCry, for example, attackers worked their way through a network file sharing protocol and executed ransomware via remote access.

iT1 can help.

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iT1 works with clients to deliver best-in-class technology solutions, including advanced threat detection and prevention, protection from ransomware, and much more. We have long-standing relationships with premium security partners, allowing us to deliver solutions that are customized to your business and the way you work. The end goal: help you maintain productivity and keep your business humming, while your network and data remain protected.

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