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iT1: Enabling virtualization across business sectors

In recent years, virtualization and the creation of software-defined environments have become increasingly popular. In addition to enabling organizations to more effectively utilize their available hardware, the approach also allows for better management of infrastructure resources as well as the ability to expand capacity as needed on demand.

“iT1’s unique approach allows organizations to reap the benefits of virtualized environments.”

In fact, last year, Infonetics predicted that the virtualization and software-defined networking market would reach a value of $11 billion by 2018. iT1 Source has positioned itself as a key provider of virtualization solutions, leading the market with its IT consulting services and ability to pair virtualization with other systems to create a robust, holistic IT infrastructure.

“At iT1, we work with our customers to define solutions which meet the business needs by leveraging technologies such as virtualization allowing efficiency, adaptability, scalability and most importantly, sensibility in their business operations,” Guy Steinbrink, iT1 principal and co-founder, told CIO Review.

iT1 works with groups across a range of industries, including education, local and federal government, financial, health care and utility providers. iT1’s unique approach, including not only virtualization solutions but professional IT consulting services, allows organizations in nearly every sector to reap the benefits of virtualized environments and further stabilize their infrastructures. The iT1 team works with its clients to provide customized systems that not only meet current and future goals, but address pain points as well.

Virtualization enables more efficient hardware usage and improved infrastructure management.
Virtualization enables more efficient hardware usage and improved infrastructure management.

“Storage and virtual environments are our key focus, where we engage in discussions with the clients and underpin the network of the infrastructure,” Steinbrink noted. “We believe in breaking down business practices into individual objectives for relevant certifications and authorizations. This enables our customers to achieve business goals.”

In addition, iT1 partners with a number of best-in-class technological firms, ensuring the company can support its growth and keep up with the latest industry trends.

“After tasting success in this landscape, we would like to continue our journey at the same page and make our partnerships stronger,” Steinbrink said.

To find out more about how virtualization can benefit your company, please be sure to contact iT1 today.

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