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Introducing Cisco ONE Software: Making Software Buying Simple


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Introducing Cisco ONE Software: Making Software Buying Simple

As today’s networks have grown more and more complex and taken on increased functionality, the process of buying, deploying, and managing the software needed to run them has become a huge burden. Typically, IT organizations must keep track of hundreds of separate licenses, each tied to a specific hardware product. Further, when that product is refreshed, it usually requires the purchase of new software to manage it.

Now, this whole time- and IT staff-consuming process is about to become much simpler.

Watch this live webcast and see how Cisco ONE Software eliminates hundreds of separately priced software features with a single, comprehensive solution. Learn how it enables you to transfer usage rights across multiple generations of Cisco products, saving you time and money. You will also be able to get your questions answered in real time during the webcast by our team of experts.

Discover how Cisco ONE Software lets you deploy new capabilities and innovations as they are developed without having to pay additional licensing fees. Find out how it solves your most important IT challenges with specially priced bundles for your data center, WAN, and LAN that provide:

  • Investment protection with licenses that are transferable between generations of products, eliminating the requirement to repurchase software when upgrading to new hardware
  • Reduced complexity by collapsing countless SKUs into a single line item, eliminating the need to construct lengthy purchase orders and reducing the risk of accidentally excluding a necessary software component
  • Flexible licensing models to fit your organization’s unique needs and IT budget, including subscriptions, enterprise agreements, and other convenient options
  • Access to innovations within each software bundle, entitling customers to ongoing software upgrades and updates whenever these are released

Q&A Included

Join us and get your Cisco ONE Software questions answered during the webcast. Learn how this innovative solution will dramatically reduce your software buying, deployment, and management burdens.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • What is Cisco ONE Software?
  • What are the benefits of buying software in this new model?
  • What business outcomes does Cisco ONE Software address?
  • Q&A

Approximate duration: 35 minutes

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