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How unified communications connects today’s corporate workers

Today’s enterprise employees are of a completely different breed than their predecessors. Now, many workers don’t just sit in their cubicles from nine to five. Instead, they operate from anywhere the situation might call for: a partnering organization’s office, in an airplane or hotel while traveling or even from their neighborhood coffee house. Where this would have presented considerable challenges in the past, unified communications – coupled with the power of the cloud – has brought new possibilities and potential for corporate communications.

“Today’s business environment is putting pressure on organizations like never before,” noted CIO Insight contributor Samuel Greengard. “The ability to access data, information and knowledge and digital speed can be the difference between an enterprise soaring or stumbling.”

Currently, the use of UC is growing in the enterprise industry. Without proper UC technologies in place – including messaging platforms, videoconferencing and other advanced systems – businesses risk falling behind their competition. Let’s take a look at just how unified communications provides just the boost that today’s companies need:

Constant communication
In the past, employees had to be in the same room or have a telephone within reach to ensure constant communications and collaboration with their co-workers. Now, staff members have the power and capability to stay connected with their colleagues from anywhere and have access to any information and resources they might need with mobile UC. Smartphones have changed the way the world operates in many ways, including providing the power to communicate, send documents and even have face-to-face conversations no matter where an employee might be. Riding to a meeting and need to send an email? There’s a UC platform to make that possible. On a business trip but need to talk with a staff member at the company headquarters? UC can enable just such a connection. No matter the communication need, there is a UC system that can keep business associates connected.

“UC is designed to help employees carry out their work more efficiently and in a timelier manner, whilst being free to work from anywhere,” wrote TechRadar contributor Arif Mohamed.

An investment that pays for itself
In addition to arming employees with tools for improved communications and collaboration, UC technologies are also a smart investment for the overall company. Although many business leaders might worry about the pricetag of the initial deployment, the benefits reaped through the system will make it more than worth the cost. What’s more is that oftentimes, calls made over a digital network are cheaper than those made via legacy phone systems, Mohamed pointed out. Therefore, the company can take advantage of a more cost-effective communication platform while also benefiting from boosted employee productivity.

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