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How to manage growing data volumes and device types


As digital processes become more mainstream in the enterprise and as the Internet of Things continues to grow by leaps and bounds, the problems associated with big data will only become even more pronounced. However, by turning to iT1 Source for help implementing new solutions by HP Enterprise, organizations of all types will be better prepared to deal with these kinds of network challenges.

The 3 Vs of big data plus IoT

A huge amount of data is present in just about every company today. Whether or not they’re analyzing it and using it for competitive advantage presently, however, is less clear. The volume and variety of data businesses now have to deal with, in addition to the velocity in which it’s currently coming in, is forcing organizations to rethink their networking and IT strategies.

“2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created daily.”

According to IBM, approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day. Over the past two years or so, 90 percent of all of the data in the known world was created. Emails, social media posts, physical documents, transaction data and a whole lot more is contributing to this rise, with companies now dealing with more and more types of data coming in, all at a frenetic pace. While only a fraction of the 2.5 quintillion bytes is related to a single organization, even a small slice of this data pie is overwhelming.

While the current data situation is already bad enough, it is only going to get worse as the IoT comes to the fore. At its core, the IoT describes a situation in which everything from doors and windows to HVAC systems, bridges and refrigerators are able to send and receive data over the Internet.

The idea of an HVAC system being able to automatically adjust its settings based on outside temperature reading may seem far off, but the infrastructure underpinning this kind of IoT functionality is already here. According to Gartner, there will likely be close to 6.4 billion connected objects in place by the end of 2016.

How to actually make the most of IoT and big data

At face value, it’s easy to see the benefits of both the IoT and big data. By equipping everything with Web connectivity, organizations can gain granular insight about everything and automate previously manually intensive tasks.

On the big data side of the equation, the more data a company has on hand to analyze, the better able it is to potentially discover hidden connections and plan for future trends. There is a reason why around 70 percent of companies believe big data analytics is critically important, Harvard Business Review reported.

“Now, we have arrived at a new juncture: Big Data is emerging as a corporate standard, and the focus is rapidly shifting to the results it produces and the business capabilities it enables,” Harvard Business Review contributor Randy Bean noted. “When the internet was a new phenomenon, we’d say ‘I am going to surf the World Wide Web’ – now, we just do it. We are entering that same phase of maturity with Big Data.”

The IoT will forever change big data.The IoT will forever change big data.

HP Enterprise and iT1 Source to the rescue

To help companies better deal with the IoT and related data volumes, HP Enterprise recently released the HPE Universal IoT Platform. Essentially, the platform will serve as a single pane of glass for all IoT applications, providing administrators with one easy-to-use portal through which connected devices and their data can be effectively overseen and managed.

“The value of the IoT lies in enriching data collected from devices with analytics and exposing it to applications that enable organizations to derive business value,” said Nigel Upton, HPE’s Director and General Manager of IoT, according to eWEEK. “This platform integrates diverse devices with different communications protocols, enabling users to see benefits from their IoT data. It is designed to scale to billions of transactions; HPE has tried and tested this in rigorous large-scale global telco and enterprise environments in a variety of smart ecosystems.”

Organizations interested in this platform and other solutions from HP Enterprise should turn to iT1 Source for help in getting big data and IoT initiatives off the ground. As an HP Enterprise partner with years of experience and extensive technical know-how, iT1 Source can help any business better handle and manage incoming data from a wide variety of sources. To learn more about your available options, be sure to contact iT1 Source today!

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