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How Managed Technical Services Benefit Your Enterprise

Today’s businesses have a lot on their plates, especially when it comes to technology. It seems new systems and solutions are being upgraded or released almost every week, making it hard for internal IT teams to keep up. Thankfully, there are managed service providers that can help enterprises take advantage of these technologies without breaking the bank or overburdening the company’s own IT staff.

But just what benefits lie in store of companies that leverage managed services? Let’s take a look:

Complex technology? No problem
One of the most attractive advantages of managed services is the ability to deploy and utilize even the most complex systems with ease. Outsourced managed service providers – the good ones at least – specialize in emerging technologies, no matter how advanced or confusing they may be. This way, the business can lean on the expertise of the managed service provider to help them roll out, integrate and use these solutions. There’s no more chasing after the next big thing and risking falling behind the competition. Best of all, the benefits are passed on to the company’s customers.

“The business can lean on the expertise of the managed service provider.”

“With both hardware and software components of IT systems constantly evolving, businesses with limited resources may very well find themselves left behind after a while,” TechAdvisory noted. “But with managed services, you are able to enjoy the advantages of the latest IT solutions at a fraction of the cost, enabling you to provide the best possible service to your clients.”

Supporting internal IT staff
In the past, managed services have been most often leveraged by smaller companies that have limited internal IT resources. This allows them to keep up with the competition, including larger businesses with expansive IT staffs. Now, however, an increasing number of big enterprises are turning to managed services to help support and boost the capabilities of their internal technology departments.

“Recently, large businesses are realizing their IT staff is a valuable strategic resource that they can use to improve profits in many ways,” Cisco pointed out. “One way to free the IT staff is to outsource some of the network operation and take advantage of managed services.”

Reducing deployment time
Especially in the case of more complex technologies, it can sometimes take the IT department a while to get familiar with the new solution before they are able to fully roll it out to employees. This is understandable, as they must be well-versed with the system before allowing others to use it. However, this can significantly slow deployment time, keeping staff dependent on aging technologies that could be a drag on productivity.

A managed service provider can help speed deployment times thanks to their staff’s skill sets and expertise. This also offers more time for employees to get acquainted with the new system and its use.

Managed technical service providers can help enterprises leverage the latest technologies. Managed technical service providers can help enterprises leverage the latest technologies.

Guarantee compliance
Currently, several industries including health care and banking are beholden to certain sector standards and regulations. Failure to comply with these could mean fines or loss of business, making compliance essential. However, some of these laws – such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or Sarbanes-Oxley – can be considerably complex.

Thankfully, managed technical service providers can help in this area as well. These vendors offer solutions that are specifically compliant with certain guidelines, helping businesses to align their efforts with their respective industry regulations. TechAdvisory noted that these service providers can also help clear up the complexities here, assisting companies to understand what the law requires of them.

This only scratches the surface of the benefits businesses can reap with managed technical services. To find out more, please be sure to contact iT1 today.

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