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How long do you need to detect network threats?


Every smart business today understands the need for robust enterprise network security, but how many are doing it right? Odds are, not only could your business be failing in network security, but there could be multiple active threats in your network right now. A Cisco enterprise network monitoring solution that’s implemented by the experts at iT1 Source can help you greatly, though.

Current state of network monitoring security

Most companies are not doing enough to monitor their networks for malicious activity. Many firms are inundated with attacks, and too often an issue slips through the cracks. Over 153 million records were compromised due to malware and hacking in 2015 alone, according to numbers cited by Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

“83% of financial firms receive over 50 attacks a month.”

A 2015 report conducted by the Ponemon Institute found that 44 percent of retailers and 83 percent of financial services companies receive more than 50 attacks in a given month. If and when some of these infiltrate network defenses undetected, it takes businesses between 98 and 197 days on average to just discover the issue. It’s no wonder that over half of the organizations polled said they were not optimistic about their ability to beat back hackers.

“The big takeaway from our research is that more investment is needed in both security operations staff and in security tools, which can help companies efficiently and accurately detect and respond to security incidents,” said Dr. Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of the Ponemon Institute. “The time to detect an advanced threat is far too long; attackers are getting in and staying long enough that the damage caused is often irreparable.”

Due in part to all of these issues, the costs related to data breaches are on the rise. A separate report from the Ponemon Institute found that for every record that’s compromised, a business loses around $174, up from $159 per record in 2014. Businesses that need many months to even first discover network breaches can expect their per-record costs to be even higher, which is a scary proposition indeed.

How long does it take your business to find network vulnerabilities?How long does it take your business to find network vulnerabilities?

How Cisco and iT1 Source can help resolve enterprise networking issues

While the network monitoring and security situation is dire for most enterprises, there are tools out there that can help. In particular, not only is Cisco a leader in the enterprise networking space more broadly, but the company also has an array of solutions designed to help a wide variety of organizations keep threats off its network. In fact, Cisco can help businesses spot threats 100 percent faster than before. Every day that a network is compromised is money and reputation down the drain, so being able to spot issues early is key.

To get the most out of Cisco’s enterprise networking solutions, be sure to turn to iT1 Source. As a Cisco Premier Partner, iT1 Source has the experience and knowledge to help any firm get the most out of Cisco’s solutions. For network security and monitoring, it pays to have the best of the best on your side. Be sure to contact iT1 Source today for more information about your available options.

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