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Healthcare Organization

The Client

An Arizona healthcare organization.

The Need

The organization wanted to manage a unified environment for its multiple medical facilities statewide. To accomplish this, professional help was needed in implementing not only a refresh strategy, but also using a particular technology that would minimize disk costs and allow for growth potential.

The Response

A partnership of iT1’s expertise and HP’s technology enabled the organization to manage its unified environment. Installation of HP’s C7000 blade chassis resulted in consolidation of server, storage, networking and power management in a single solution—no small feat considering the many locations iT1 implemented a refresh strategy for all existing desktops using VMware’s virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) as a solution.

The Result

Despite numerous challenges, including engineer teams from both parties, the iT1 project engineers ultimately handed off the solution to the organization’s engineers who were able to continue with the refresh. Another plus for the customer was not having to invest in desktop replacements, a major cost-cutting measure.

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