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Free webinar: Introducing the Acrolinx Plain English Solution on September 28th

The Plain Writing Act of 2010 requires the federal government to write all new publications, forms, and publicly distributed documents in a “clear, concise, well-organized” manner. Federal Plain Writing Guidelines and Training provide specific grammar, style, terminology, and formatting guidance.  And over the years, improved communication has been noted across various departments in the different agencies.

While this approach can work well at the workgroup or department level, it’s very difficult to scale.  Well over a million government employees communicate with the public every day.  Are they all communicating in the same Plain English “voice”?

Plain Writing – you know it’s the law, but do you really know:

  • How well all of your content conforms to the letter of the law (OMB Guidelines)?
  • How well your content meets the intent of the law (clear, concise, understandable communication to the public)?
  • How well it meets the needs of the 23% of the public that doesn’t have English as their first language?
  • How well it meets the needs of those with reading skills in the lower quartile of the literacy scale?

Join this free webinar, on September 28th, from 1:30pm – 2:00pm EST, to learn why hundreds of multinational enterprises have deployed Acrolinx linguistic technology to:

  • Ensure consistent conformance to corporate and industry content guidelines
  • Address the communication needs of their global audiences.

You will also learn how the Acrolinx Plain English Solution was developed and tested specifically to help Federal Plain Writing practitioners and administrators confidently answer YES to those pesky questions.

Read more about the partnership between iT1 and Acrolinx here.

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