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Efficient deployment of Cybersecurity

Binary CybersecurityToday’s businesses are coming to terms with the growing requirement to maintain higher levels of cybersecurity in order to combat increasingly complex threats. For many executives and managers, it is clear that the invaluable data at the core of their businesses must be protected. However, the methods to efficiently deploy adequate levels of cybersecurity are not as well defined.

Additionally, the rise in cyber attacks has brought with it a job-market shortage of qualified, professional staff resources. Larger enterprises are dealing with long hiring cycles to find the right talent, while smaller businesses are discovering that the salaries of these professionals break their budgets. This compounds the challenges that managers face in deploying comprehensive cybersecurity measures on their own.

This is where Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) can step in to help managers overcome these challenges and fill in gaps in their security strategy. Companies such as iT1 already provide managed services such as remote monitoring, system backups, and full disaster recovery. MSSPs are well-suited to expand their standard monitoring services into security monitoring and management and contribute to cybersecurity protection. However, before partnering with a MSSP, it is important to understand the three basics of efficient deployment so that the partnership is a success.

  1. Prepare and Prevent

A first step towards implementing a data protection strategy is to prepare your existing infrastructure to prevent a cyber attack.

  • Create an inventory of the company’s network and infrastructure. Include everything from the number of hosts, to the location of your network servers in order to better understand how to make global security improvements.
  • Optimize the current infrastructure. Enhancements like upgrading outdated hardware and minimizing redundant software can improve resistance to threats.
  • Perform patching of applications and operating systems. Perform vulnerability assessment corrections, and manage outbound connections for a stronger defense.
  1. Quickly Detect Attacks

Time is a critical element in protecting your business’ data against security threats. The last thing an organization wants is to have a breach identified by an outside party. The longer breach identification takes, the more likely it is that an outsider will discover the breach resulting in higher remediation costs.

MSSP’s help enterprises deploy and continuously manage security monitoring to detect threats quicker and reduce response times. Service providers such as iT1 apply strategic intrusion prevention and detection methods, with threat intelligence, compliance monitoring, and fast incident response into one cohesive service. By allowing providers like iT1 to manage your security, they can seamlessly correlate logs and events into strategic data and isolate how your systems can be accessed. This service can save your business time and money, while keeping you on the forefront of cybersecurity prevention and trends.

  1. Automate and Remediate

CybersecurityAccording to Forrester, only 15% of companies believe that they have the right capabilities to execute even the best security strategy. With overtaxed cybersecurity staff burdened with enormous data logs, human error is bound to happen. Given the speed at which new threats have developed, there is no room for error to occur. A minor misreading of data could result in a system shutdown. Automation is the best available method by which large volumes of data can be systematically analyzed to prevent a breach. A MSSP can develop automated protocols that will help you prevent a breach, or stop and remediate breaches caused by emerging threats. Automation will also assist in faster recovery of data, should your information be compromised.


Understanding some of the key points in efficient deployment will help you combat threats, save money, and develop a process to deploy your cybersecurity strategy. Effective cybersecurity must now go beyond traditional tactics, and address the optimization of existing infrastructure, first-response detection, and automated monitoring and remediation protocols.

iT1 is an MSSP that can deliver streamlined efficiency and speed by managing these functions from a centralized location that is staffed with expert cybersecurity professionals. We also work with partners recognized in the industry for delivering highly-specialized services on market-leading platforms. You can utilize their knowledge, system integration, and expertise to augment your internal security operations as efficiently and cost-effective as possible. Contact iT1 today to learn how a MSSP partner can assist you with the most efficient deployment of your cybersecurity strategy.

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