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Digital Solutions for Cisco Connected Mass Transit: Improve Safety, Mobility, Efficiency

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As the need to digitize transportation systems increases, disparate mass transit systems can converge onto a single, secure IP network to enable better information sharing and common communications. Whether on a fleet of city buses, onboard light rail commuter trains, in a busy station, or in a centralized operations center, costs are reduced, and operations are simplified along with increased safety and an enhanced passenger experience. Cisco’s secure network of ruggedized routers, switches, access points, and video cameras connects people, processes, data, and things across the entire infrastructure.Learn about the validated network designs for Cisco Connected Mass Transit, built on open standards. Hear from Cisco customers on how the Cisco Connected Mass Transit solution is delivering value to their operation. You can take advantage of commercially available products and services to lower TCO, reduce implementation risks, improve performance, and protect existing investments.

Real-time monitoring, fleet management, and location-based services for mass transit vehicles, onboard Wi-Fi, real-time passenger information, two-way voice communication between vehicles, and wireless bulk data transfer (WBDT) that can include CAD/AVL system updates and log files, video surveillance recordings, and software updates as well as integration with third-party hardware and software are all supported on the platform.


Topics discussed include:

  • Overview of trends and challenges promoting transformation in the transportation industry and how mass transit affects quality of life in cities

  • How Cisco Connected Mass Transit addresses the challenges that transit agencies face today, such as growing safety concerns, maintaining and increasing ridership, enhancing the passenger experience, and improving operational efficiencies while managing costs

  • Cisco Connected Mass Transit solution architecture and validated design and why these are important

  • Real-world examples of Cisco Connected Mass Transit in action with customer case studies

  • Strategic partners and advanced services

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