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Desktop virtualization market expansion: Is your remote workforce armed for success?


The faces of today’s businesses have changed dramatically thanks to technological advancements supporting new working styles. One of the most impactful shifts here is the push toward an increasingly remote workforce, particularly in industries that require employees to travel outside of the office.

According to a recent study from Gallup, 37 percent of U.S. employees now telecommute, working from home or elsewhere at least two days per month. This percentage has increased considerably in the last few years, especially with the rising popularity of critical tools like desktop virtualization, including the solutions offered by industry leader VMware, an iT1 Source partner.

Market explosion: Desktop virtualization continues to trend

“37% of U.S. employees now telecommute.”

Platforms like desktop virtualization enable remote and teleworking staff to access the applications and tools they need to work in a safe and secure manner. It allows for boosted productivity no matter where employees operate from, and has become a priority in many industries.

This, alongside economic pressures and efforts for cost reduction, has led to considerable growth in the desktop virtualization market as businesses look to arm their staff members with advanced solutions. According to a report from Research and Markets, this market expansion isn’t poised to slow anytime soon – in fact, this sector is predicted to experience a 54.59 percent compound annual growth rate through the next four years.

North American accounts for the largest portion of this industry, with a 65 percent share. Adoption is also increasing in Europe and Asia Pacific. Overall, industries including financial services, health care and government are the largest users of desktop virtualization, with banking and insurance leading the way with a 31 percent share.

How desktop virtualization addresses business pain points

Providing capabilities for remote workers isn’t the only benefit that desktop virtualization can offer an enterprise. According to New Horizons, there are several other key advantages as well, including:

  • Extend the life of technology: Especially when it comes to thin clients, desktop virtualization can help businesses make the most of their technological investments. Utilizing the computing power, memory and storage of aging devices can enable support for virtual desktops while helping organizations avoid the high costs of new servers.
  • Central management: All virtual desktops are able to be centrally managed by the IT team, helping to simplify efforts connected with backup and storage, security and updates.
  • Reducing labor costs: Without the need for new devices and with the ability to more easily manage IT assets, desktop virtualization can also help businesses achieve considerable cost savings. New Horizons found that 50-70 percent of overall total cost of ownership of an individual PC comes from maintaining and managing its hardware and software. Desktop virtualization can help companies reduce or even avoid these costs, and free up time for the internal IT team.
A virtual desktop enables secure access to important business assets. A virtual desktop enables secure access to important business assets.

In addition to these benefits, a virtualized desktop can considerably boost a company’s security by allowing for secure access to sensitive data and business assets. When these items aren’t stored locally on employee devices and are instead accessed via the virtualized desktop, there is much less risk for a breach.

Desktop virtualization: Trust the experts

This advanced technology can provide a range of benefits for your company, including for its remote workforce, operating costs and security. However, the best and most successful deployments happen when the enterprise works with a trusted solution provider that can help with installation.

iT1 Source is a VMware Premier Solution Provider, meaning your business has access to industry-leading desktop virtualization technology alongside our expert consulting services. To find out more, contact iT1 Source today.

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