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Dell seeks to help customers navigate IoT technology


Now that technology organizations are developing and releasing an increasing number of wireless-enabled items and appliances, the Internet of Things is quickly coming to life. Today, consumers can leverage things like connected refrigerators, thermostat systems and alarms, while offices adopt more responsive lighting, printing and communication solutions.

As the IoT continues to grow, Dell is at the helm of a new partner program to help its customers more easily navigate this expanding, yet siloed industry.

IoT by the numbers

When it comes to the IoT, few facts are more telling than the sector’s related statistics:

  • By 2020, there could be anywhere from 50 to 200 billion devices connected to the overall IoT, according to Cisco.
  • Over the same period, an estimated $1.7 trillion will be spent on IoT-related devices and services, according to IDC.
  • There will be more than 173 million wearable devices in use by 2019, many of which will be leveraged in the fitness and industrial sectors.

While the IoT holds considerable potential for both consumers and businesses alike, there is still much to be learned about this technology and the overall market. In fact, Accenture found that the vast majority of mainstream consumers – 87 percent to be exact – don’t fully understand the IoT market, and what it has to offer.

The network of connected devices known as the Internet of Things is growing every day. The network of connected devices known as the Internet of Things is growing every day.

‘Opportunities increase when you help others win’

In an effort to help customers and enterprises glean more knowledge about the IoT, Dell is leading the charge in the creation of a new effort called IoT Partner Solutions Program. The initiative includes fellow technology giant Microsoft, as well as several other companies seeking to become more involved in this market sector.

“The program builds an ecosystem of partners to help customers navigate the fragmented IoT landscape and identify the right technologies to develop their IoT solutions,” Dell stated in an announcement.

For its part, Dell will leverage its network of vendor partners alongside its embedded PCs, manageability tools, intelligent gateways and its cloud and data center infrastructure.

“Dell believes that opportunities increase when you help others win,” explained Andy Rhodes, Dell Commercial IoT Solutions executive director. “We are passionate about collaborating with this strong group of companies and believe ISVs are critical in building the bridge between the exciting industry potential of IoT and profitable market reality.”

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