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Dell branches out with classroom technologies


Dell is a powerhouse when it comes to enterprise IT. Providing everything from workstations and laptops to the servers and other equipment necessary to support these endpoints, Dell has been a top brand in the corporate field for a number of years, and for good reason.

Recently, the tech giant announced a new line of offerings focused around the classroom. These products and software are aimed at boosting engagement and improving creative learning for today’s students, primarily in the hopes that they’ll be better prepared for their future careers.

From the classroom to the boardroom, Dell is looking to capture users and arm them with the tools they need to be successful. Schools can team up with iT1 Source to get the most out of Dell’s offerings.

Classroom technology: The numbers and the benefits

In many cases, technology in the classroom has progressed alongside advancements in enterprise infrastructure and computing. Now, items like laptops, tablets, interactive whiteboards and accompanying software are all much more common in schools across the country. And educators are noticing the difference these investments make in students’ overall education. A recent study from Online Universities discovered a few insights about the use of technology in the classroom:

  • Currently, 90 percent of teachers have a laptop or PC available. This type of access has doubled from 10 years ago.
  • About 60 percent of classes utilize an interactive whiteboard for classroom projects, presentations and collaboration.
  • Tablets are also becoming more popular. The study found that 71 percent of teachers leverage education apps via classroom tablets, 64 percent allow students to access educational websites and 60 percent download and use educational ebooks and textbooks.

All of these technological assets have changed the way students learn and interact with the materials they’re being taught. What’s more, educators have found that a more device- and network-based approach to learning has definitely paid off.

Overall, 65 percent of teachers noted that technology like tablets, whiteboards and educational platforms help them showcase and illustrate concepts that they couldn’t effectively demonstrate any other way. What’s more, three out of four educators noted that technology enables them to expand upon classroom topics, motivate their students and support different learning styles.

Classroom technology can help prepare students for the work they will do in their future careers. Classroom technology can help prepare students for the work they will do in their future careers.

But the benefits don’t end here. Technology in the classroom can be beneficial even long after students leave school.

“If used correctly, it will help prepare students for their future careers, which will inevitably include the use of wireless technology,” SecurEdge Networks noted, “Technology helps the teachers prepare students for the real-world environment. As our nation becomes increasingly more technology-dependent, it becomes even more necessary that to be successful citizens, students must learn to be tech-savvy.”

In this way, technological assets in the classroom help to equip students to interact and use devices and platforms at their future jobs. And why not familiarize pupils with technology from one of the most well-known names in the industry?

Dell expands with educational technology

Dell is shining the spotlight on educational technology with the unveiling of its interactive devices and classroom software. The announcement came at this year’s International Society for Technology in Education event, where Dell showcased several new offerings.

As a sponsor for ISTE 2016 Conference and Expo, it was fitting that Dell would choose this venue to demonstrate its new products. Here, company spokespeople showcased Dell’s first touch-screen, interactive HD monitor, as well as new HD projectors that enable educators to leverage a 100-inch display on any classroom wall.

“60 percent of classes utilize an interactive whiteboard for classroom projects, presentations and collaboration.”

“Educational environments are more interesting when students get to speak up, share ideas, work together and learn the way they want to learn,” sad Bert Park, Dell Software and Peripherals vice president. “These new displays allow students and teachers the opportunity to interact and create, making learning easier and more fun.”

The company also launched Dell Classroom, a new software platform specially designed for Dell Chromebooks. These laptops have become incredibly popular in schools across the country thanks to their performance and cost efficiency. And with Dell’s new classroom software, these endpoints will only become more powerful learning tools.

Continuing Dell’s legacy

Best of all, these devices are only the beginning as far as users’ interactions with Dell products. Dell is also a leading technology provider for today’s businesses, ensuring that employees have all the tools they need to support the company’s success. Dell’s unique solutions and services include PowerEdge servers, high-performance workstations as well as software for data center management, data protection, mobile workforce management and overall security.

To find out more, contact iT1 Source, a Dell Premier Partner, today.

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