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Building an Unbreakable Data Infrastructure in the Age of AI and Hybrid Cloud

Hitachi Vantara: Storage Platforms, Data Management, and Data Protection

Deliver the choice and agility needed to ensure fast and cost-effective data protection within hybrid cloud storage environments. Whether facing unexpected disruptions or navigating evolving security threats, Hitachi Vantara and iT1 offer the confidence you need to keep your data secure and your operations running smoothly.

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Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure: Building a Secure Data Foundation

If your data storage system is holding you back, it’s time to figure out what’s next. By upgrading to Hitachi Vantara’s Virtual Storage Platform, you can guarantee your data is safe and available with minimal environmental impact.

100% Data Availability Guarantee

Industry’s first and most trusted data availability guarantee

Common Operating System and Data Services

Simplify storage management across your organization

Industry Leading Storage Virtualization

278PB of virtualized third-party storage

Flexible, Consumption- Based Plan

Scale Up and Scale Out with multiple VSPs

Flexible hybrid data and CloudOps solutions for the evolving, agile enterprise. Drive innovation anywhere with seamless integration and availability across on-prem, edge and cloud environments.

Real World Success Story

Las Vegas Sphere’s 160,000 square-foot interior LED display plane and 580,000 square-foot fully programmable LED exterior – the Exosphere – utilize Hitachi Vantara’s software as a key tool to stream high-resolution immersive content. This includes system handles over 400 gigabytes a second of throughput at sub 5 milliseconds of latency and a 12-bit color display at a 444 subsampling. Hitachi Vantara utilized its storage platform Hitachi Content Software for File, a high-performance, software-defined, distributed parallel filesystem storage solution.

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Securing Your Data: A Multi-Layered Defense

Hitachi Vantara data infrastructure and data protection solutions offer:

Control & Access

Unify view and control across all storage ecosystems to assure data is secured and remains protected even during times of change


Flexibly build from the ground up or augment current protection solutions to maximize data protection and gain compliance.


Working with a trusted expert partner means that your customers and you – get peace of mind

Hitachi Put to the Test by Kari Byron from MythBusters

Beyond Unbreakable? Go behind the scenes to see.

Prevent. Detect. Recover. Safeguard your data with multi-layer protection.

Cyber Resiliency and Data Protection solutions from Hitachi Vantara help ensure business continuity, compliance, cybersecurity, and ransomware protection, at almost limitless scale, no matter how complex your environment is.

Time to Level Up Your Data Storage

It’s time for a data storage upgrade with multi-layered cyber resiliency. Make the right choice with Hitachi Vantara and iT1.

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