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Cloud Services Company

The Client

A growing cloud services company with a number of data centers located throughout the US.

The Need

The company needed to accommodate growth by adding to the existing infrastructure while maintaining consistent results as each group of servers was installed with the assistance of local resources as scattered at the locations.

The Response

Initially, iT1 was chosen to set up and cable Dell chassis, in this case Dell R630s.  The client had specific requirements—explicit instructions regarding cable management and labeling.  Quality and consistency were important factors.  Two iT1 engineers understood those instructions, demonstrated that understanding to the client’s satisfaction, and performed several installs of 10 or more servers.

The Result

By using a single company and the same trained engineers instead of local resources, the client was assured of a continuing level of quality and consistency with each server installation.  Going forward, additional iT1 employees will be trained to continue that quality and consistency the client expects with each install.

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