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Cisco focusing more on cybersecurity solution advancement


For many businesses, cybersecurity is a complex, scary place. Attacks are becoming more sophisticated, and aging infrastructure can’t stand up to these challenges. In fact, Cisco’s 2016 Annual Security Report found that 54 percent believed they had a good system in place for identifying security incidents. However, in a sample of 115,000 Cisco internet-connected devices, 106,000 of them were running software with known vulnerabilities.

Over the past few years, Cisco has delved into cybersecurity to create advanced solutions and navigate emerging threats. This trend will continue to reinvigorate sales and innovate the cybersecurity space.

“Organizations are having trouble identifying gaps in their security profile coverage.”

Simplifying cyber management

With all of the necessary tools and problems within cybersecurity, it can become very complex very quickly. As David Ulevitch, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco’s security business, told FOX Business, organizations are having trouble identifying where they have gaps in their security profile coverage. However, cloud integration can help automate security processes and share information in near real time.

Cisco found an opportunity to consolidate cybersecurity services with their platform to make systems work together behind the scenes. This effort will simplify cyber management and help businesses better protect their sensitive systems. Going forward, Cisco is expected to remain committed to cyber efforts and ensure a comprehensive offering for the information security space.

Eyes on IoT

More information is being generated and collected than ever before, thanks to increasing use of mobile devices and the emergence of devices connected to the Internet of Things. As more enabled and sensor-based technology emerges, attackers are finding ways to take advantage of it and breach business networks. Cisco has identified this situation as a chance to serve organizations with adequate security measures. This is particularly important within highly regulated industries that specify how sensitive data must be managed and protected.

Cisco is a big name when it comes to providing quality networking gear. As a result, the organization has made big changes to sell sophisticated software and hardware products. Zacks Investment Research noted that Cisco has used acquisitions as a means to build its security business.Acquiring organizations such as Sourcefire, OpenDNS and CloudLock, among others, has increased Cisco’s strength within the cybersecurity space. This advancement has led to new products and strategies like Umbrella, its first Secure Internet Gateway in the cloud.

Cisco sees the IoT as a major opportunity for cybersecurity advancement.Cisco sees the IoT as a major opportunity for cybersecurity advancement.

Keep watching Cisco

Cybersecurity is a space that offers significant potential, particularly for improving tools and processes to protect business information. Cisco has already taken steps to be a major player by acquiring other organizations in the industry and debuting solutions that will bolster cybersecurity management. Moving forward, it’s likely that Cisco will take advantage of the revenue opportunities within the cybersecurity sector and create innovative tools.

As Cisco continues to advance, team up with a managed service provider like iT1 Source to navigate these changes. Being a Cisco Certified Partner, iT1 Source has the expertise and tools necessary to keep your systems updated and integrate new tools as they emerge. To find out more, contact iT1 Source today.

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