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Cisco brings security to agreement with Charter for innovative video system

Nowadays, many people are severing ties with the cable company in favor of alternative media sources. The movement is popular enough that those participating in it have earned their own title: Cord cutters.

These individuals on the search for innovative systems now have a new platform to check out: the Worldbox. This innovative video system was just released by Charter Communications and Cisco Systems at the beginning of January and is already making waves in the technology and media industries.

Multichannel News reported that the device features a cloud-based guide, and will be available in both HD and HD-DVR versions. The latter will come with 1 terabyte of data storage, enabling users to save a multitude of programs straight to the device. Both models include 1 gigabyte of RAM as well as USB connections which could be leveraged “to enable future applications,” according to Charter and Cisco.

While not many consider data management and security when they think about their television programming, Cisco knows better. Worldbox will feature downloadable protections via Cisco’s cloud-based security suite, including solutions for set-top boxes and a digital rights management platform to support service on IP device.

In addition, Cisco will play a major role in the rollout of the device.

“Cisco will supply a substantial share of Charter’s next-generation Worldbox volume and will continue to supply CableCARD boxes until Charter migrates all current and acquired systems to the downloadable security solution,” Cisco noted.

Overall, Worldbox will be an advanced cloud-based video system that hinges on the use of Cisco products.

“We’re changing how you deliver video from the cloud,” noted Cisco CEO John Chambers, according to WirelessWeek.

With Cisco products at its core, Worldbox is an innovative video system sure to delight today’s cord cutters.

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