Most Common Topics During Interviews

Compensation: Stable, straightforward, and lucrative! Plus, we have a monthly guarantee from Day 1.

iT1 commission structure is uncapped, extremely generous, and one of the most lucrative plans in the industry.
Ability to sell hundreds of OEMs, iT1 Services and Cloud.  Our Microsoft 365 and Azure business has doubled every year.
Large focus on reoccurring revenue means you have automatic commissions every month!
OEM Incentives process and payout structure has not changed.  Individual Spiffs, such as Cisco Rewards, Dell Rewards, HP Blue Carpet and HPE Engage and Grow are 100% to the AE.
Request a confidential discovery call to review the comp plan. 

The Transition to iT1

Transitioning to the next opportunity is exciting but full questions.  We understand the ramp up period can take time; often due to non-competes/non-solicitations that can be quite lengthy.  Our goal is to help you succeed and offer the below to help you hit the ground running:

  • Onboarding process – meet and train with our department experts
  • Collaborative effort during the ramp up period to increase your success
  • Our management and support teams are always willing to assist
  • Monthly guarantee and easy compensation plans
  • Strong key OEM and distribution relationships
  • Effective prospecting Tools that our Account Team uses daily
  • Lead Generation tailored to your interests

We understand a move often requires net new clients. We have a pool of current leads and assign new leads daily!

We have a commitment to quality leads and are already building leads for you! 

Strong lead generation program for new hires during non-solicitation period - Your success is our top priority!  

With open territories/verticals, you are free to prospect anywhere to build your book the way you want to - even globally! 

Available Resources for You and Your Clients 

  • Strong Microsoft Cloud and Licensing team with double digit growth YoY, plus Tier 1 support to our Microsoft CSP Clients.
  • Our Engineering Team – iT1’s subject matter experts range from Cisco, Microsoft, and additional major OEMs. Our engineering resources are on staff to help you provide the best value to your clients.
  • Managed Services – Our managed and monitored services are thriving. You’ll get a deep understanding of our NOC, Help Desk including what we do and can offer our clients.
  • Professional Services – We have you covered with warehouse, lab, asset management, on-site engineers, project managers and more.
  • Quick turnaround on approval processes to help you better serve your clients!

Strong Partner Relationships

Partners are an extended part of our sales team.

Direct contact with our OEMs and Distributors.

See our partner pages to learn more!

Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Spirit!

  • Team Calls are energetic, collaborative, and efficient
  • Time Management – More control over your own workday
  • Open Territory and Verticals – Build your book the way you want to!
  • The iT1 Family Cares.  Health, Family, Balance, Earth Friendly, Friendships.  We give to Charity, are a Green Company and named Best Places to Work in Arizona for 9 consecutive years.

Learn more about Why iT1.

If this resonates with you and you’d like to learn more, give us a call or apply today!
Our recruitment team, Alexa and Jake, are seeking talented Senior Executives to fuel our continued growth!

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