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BYOD, videoconferencing creating need for better network connectivity

These days, technology isn’t just nice to have in an enterprise environment – it is a must. Currently, corporate employees and customers are using technological systems and applications. All of these activities can provide numerous benefits for an organization, but only if the firm has the proper network connectivity to support it.

Today’s staff members aren’t just using their desktops anymore. They’re leveraging smartphones, tablets and laptops alongside numerous applications to make their work more efficient and productive. Just one of these systems is videoconferencing, the use of which has been steadily rising in the corporate sector. In fact, eWEEK noted that 90 percent of today’s North American businesses have a videoconferencing system in place in their boardrooms and 85 percent of individuals leverage video to connect with their one another. Of these users, 90 percent reported that videoconferencing has boosted their abilities, resulting in better collaboration and teamwork.

At the same time, these users are also leveraging their mobile devices as part of bring-your-own-device, or BYOD, initiatives. Cisco found that 60 percent of employees use a mobile device for work, and 41 percent telecommute at least one a day week.

All of these activities – while greatly beneficial for the company – can create stress on the network. If the network doesn’t have the capacity to support the increase in videoconferencing and mobile device use, users may be unable to access the applications they need to do their jobs. For this reason, proper network connectivity is paramount.

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