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Are HP’s latest computers right for your business?


In early May, leading PC manufacturer HP inc. announced its latest line of HP Pavilion laptops and desktops. While some of the early messaging and features here are geared toward consumers, they nonetheless have the functionality that would make them ideally suited for enterprise settings. But, are these new HP computers right for your business?

Breaking down the latest offerings

HP Inc. officially announced the release of three new Pavilion models:

  • The HP Pavilion is a traditional laptop.
  • The HP Pavilion All-in-One is a traditional desktop.
  • The HP Pavilion x360 is a laptop with a highly flexible screen, meaning it can be converted to a large tablet if desired.

All of the new models – which won’t be officially sold until July – come in a variety of screen sizes with high-resolution displays, and they all feature top-notch processors. Many of them also have solid-state hard drives and ample amounts of storage and memory.

Pros of HP’s latest hardware

While the new HP Pavilion computers come equipped with lots of great features, most PCs today have similar functionality and design elements. So, what makes this hardware truly unique?

“The HP Privacy Camera features cutting-edge security settings.”

For starters, some models have the new HP Privacy Camera, which comes with a variety of security features standard. Plus, it pops out of the display for a more streamlined look and is automatically off when not visible.

“It’s an interesting feature since privacy experts have long asked PC makers to create a way to physically block a webcam when not in use,” PCWorld contributor Ian Paul wrote. “Like anything else on your PC, webcams can be hacked, allowing malicious types to spy on your private doings. Hiding the camera when not in use should offer some modicum of privacy for a hacked PC.”

In addition, with a bezeled display, the screens on these computers are like little else on the market today. VentureBeat compared them to modern high-definition television sets. For professionals who have to be at their computers all day, these updated displays can be a godsend for sore eyes.

On the mobility front, HP Inc. has included two key features in these devices. For one, the desktops include a USB Type C port, which is capable of charging mobile devices faster than a legacy USB port, PCWorld reported. The portable Pavilions also have lithium ion batteries capable of holding a charge for up to nine hours and being mostly charged in just an hour and a half.

Plus, the new HP Pavilion hardware has all of its great features coming in at a lower price point than other computers with similar specs, CNET reported. This means that even cash-strapped enterprises can have top-notch computing functionality without breaking the bank to get it.

“If you’re looking for a full-featured Windows laptop with major bang for the buck, the HP Spectre x360 is it,” CNET’s Sean Hollister wrote.

Will your company's frequent travelers like the newest HP laptops?Will your company’s frequent travelers like the newest HP laptops?

Cons of the new Pavilions

Despite all of the positives of the new Pavilions, these computers do present a few key downsides:

  • The laptops are not as light as some competitive models, CNET noted, which can really weigh down employees who travel.
  • The track pad is not as sensitive as it is on other available laptops.
  • The Pavilions lack the fingerprint security features now found on other mobile devices.
  • The high-resolution screen can reflect a fair amount of glare at times.

Does your business benefit from these new HP PCs?

The latest HP Pavilions are not perfect, but thus far they have received mostly positive reviews from critics. With all of their features plus competitive pricing, it’s easy to see why. But, despite all the early accolades, would your business benefit if employees were given brand-new HP hardware?

For answers to this question, turn to iT1 Source. As both an HP Inc. Gold Partner and an HP Inc. Services Specialist, iT1 Source can help you determine what hardware is right for your business and how to have a robust, future-proof mobility solution in place. Be sure to contact iT1 Source today to learn more about your available options.

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